How to choose the right perfume: 8 tips to find the perfect fragrance!

Perfume is an invisible but very precious detail of our look, able to give us character and personality and reveal something about us and our world. In fact, like an accessory or a dress, it can even silently reveal many more details than we can think of. The color and soul of its fragrance, the intensity and prevalence of fruity, floral or citrus notes for example, are all small clues that people around us can grasp, in a more or less conscious way, coming to identify some aspect intimate of our way of being.

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This is why it is important to choose a perfume that suits us and our personality that, just like a dress, makes us feel completely at ease. But how to choose the right perfume? There are small tips that can guide us in this direction and below we suggest some of them.

1. Let yourself be guided by instinct and what you like

To choose the right perfume, one should first of all start from a very simple assumption: be inspired by what we like. In fact, there are no scientific rules to be respected: what should move us in choosing a perfume is rather instinct and our personal taste.

However, in order for the choice to be more aware and thoughtful, it would be good to have a minimum of knowledge of the various essences we have available, to be clear about those that we feel ours and those that do not reflect us and do not belong to us. . A small perfume glossary can therefore help us to clarify and really choose the perfect fragrance for us.

2. Find the essence you love

Identifying the olfactory family that we like the most is already an excellent first step to go in the right direction. Here are some examples of essence: floral, fruity, amber, citrus, aromatic and oriental. These are just some of the main essences, each of which has well-marked and recognizable characteristics: in some sweetness and delicacy prevails, in others a warmer and spicier note, in still others exotic suggestions or bittersweet flavors, for others finally, a sensation of freshness or a strong and characterful note. As we said, you decide which one is best for you. The only way to understand it is to smell the fragrance and feel that you are in the right place. Here you will find a small test, to find out which perfume is best suited to your personality.

3. Learn to recognize the notes of a perfume

A perfume is like a language, which reveals more about itself: it is necessary to know how to listen to it. And to do that, you need to be able to understand it. This is why, after identifying the main essences, we cannot fail to talk about the notes of a perfume.

There are three notes of which each perfume is constituted, a real olfactory pyramid divided into three parts:

  • the top notes: they are felt immediately after spraying the perfume, and are fresh, light and ephemeral;
  • Heart notes: more voluptuous, they appear within a few minutes;
  • Base notes: consistent and deep, they make the perfume last over time.

It is only after an hour, when the three types of notes have appeared, that the real smell of a perfume can be felt.

4. Choose the right formula

In addition to the essence and notes of a perfume, it is also important to choose the right formula. Eau de toilette, scented water, eau de parfum or perfume. The first two are more delicate and leave a discreet trail, while the eau de parfum and the scent are decidedly more of character and leave a more intense and perceptible trail. Again, let yourself be inspired by your preferences, but taking care to also consider external circumstances and factors, if necessary.

A little secret: with a warmer climate, it is better not to exceed the intensity of the fragrance and choose a more delicate and light perfume that will undoubtedly be more pleasant.

5. Test the perfume carefully

We come now, after some little theoretical information, to more practical things. Try the perfume, but try to test it on the areas where you feel the heartbeat, such as the neck and wrist, because, by releasing more heat, they help to intensify the fragrance. Then wait at least half an hour so that you can smell the perfume in all its essence and with its three notes.

It is a reasonable time that will allow you to assess with certainty if you really like it, as well as the intensity and duration it has on you.

6. Take the time to choose

The ideal would be to have some time to think before proceeding with the purchase so as to know in depth the perfume you are choosing. a perfumery, use the classic trick of applying perfume on cards, but before moving from one to the other, allow a few seconds to pass. fragrances and your feelings about it.

It can also happen that you are instantly kidnapped by a fragrance; in that case, trust your instincts and choose it without too many doubts. Remember, you have to feel a touch of magic to understand that this is the right scent and a little bit of pure instinct never hurts!

7. Apply it in the right areas

Do not overdo it in quantity and choose to apply it in the right areas, those in which the perfume spreads with greater ease and intensity due to the heat: the neck, the nape, the décolleté, behind the ears and on the wrists.
You can also perfume your clothes to get a light trail, but even in this case, let yourself be guided by the measure.

Do not forget that a perfume must reveal itself delicately: two or three sprays are enough to remain fragrant throughout the day.

8. Store the perfume carefully

Light, heat, temperature variations alter the scent. So keep it away from humidity, in the original packaging. A well-preserved perfume lasts two to five years. However, when the perfume has already begun, the presence of air modifies its properties and ends up distorting it. An unopened bottle, on the other hand, keeps for years: the color of the perfume can change, but this does not mean that the fragrance is ruined.

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