Male body language: 8 infallible signs to understand that he is in love

How many things can body language tell us, without any need for words! The language of the male body in love, then, presents signals and attitudes that are difficult to misunderstand.

A man's eyes, hands, legs, even feet can declare to a woman their attraction and their strong desire for her. Are you ready to discover the 8 physical signs that will help you understand if he is in love with you? And if the answer is affirmative, be careful not to let it slip away ... it could be the right one!

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But before continuing, here are some fundamentals to understand the basic rules of body language and move more easily in the human psyche.

1. Male body language in love starts with the eyes

How many things can be guessed from a glance! The eyes of a man in love, or in any case very attracted to you, cannot help but communicate his desire to you. How? First, pay attention to the pupils: if they are dilated or dilated, it means that there is physical interest and curiosity towards you.

Then pay close attention to his gaze: if he continues to hold yours steadily, without ever taking it away, you can be sure that his heart is beating hard for you. On the contrary, if he keeps looking the other way (and not out of shyness) he might not be too interested ...

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2. Male eyebrows also have their own language ...

Well yes. Even from the eyebrows and their involuntary movements you can tell if he is interested in you. If he tends to frown, it means that he is particularly taken and intrigued, that he tries to understand you in depth ...

If he raises them, however, he shows that he is even impressed with you. Good sign: you can be sure you have it practically in hand!

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3. The face: when the body language of the man in love becomes explicit

If a man is in love with you, he will keep touching his face. The cheeks, the chin, the ears, the lips ... the more delicate and sensitive an area is, the more the amorous vulnerability to which it feels exposed at your side will lead it to tease, touch, scratch, without a moment's respite , with the risk of seeming a little nervous. You have that effect on him!

And if he keeps teasing his lips in particular, it means only one thing: he wants to kiss you as soon as possible.

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4. Legs and feet: the male body in love is also expressed with the lower limbs ...

Pay attention to how a man sits when he is with you. If his legs are crossed or crossed, this is not a good sign: it could indicate a closed attitude. If, on the other hand, her legs are open, the message is quite clear: sexual desire, desire to be noticed, deep attraction.

And since you are there, take a "look at the feet too: it would seem that pointing them towards someone in particular indicates desire. If you are not alone, try to scrutinize if it turns them towards you ...

5. ... And also with the superiors: arms and hands speak to you of its attraction

For the arms, a similar argument applies to that for the legs: if they are crossed or closed they are likely to indicate closure towards you. If he continues to caress his forearm, however, you can rest assured that the "attraction is", and how!

Even more significant are the movements he makes with his hands. If a man is in love with you, he will tend to gesticulate more - an unconscious way to get your attention. Also be careful to notice if he continues to play with objects on the table, from the glass to the cigarettes, perhaps stroking them ... it could be an indication of sexual desire towards his interlocutor.

6. Do you touch your beard and hair? Typical of the language of a male body in love!

You've been chatting amiably for a while and he's starting to touch his hair ... what does that mean? Attraction, of course. He's subconsciously trying to 'make himself beautiful' for you, to get your attention. they strut during courtship. And if he constantly torments tufts of hair with those fingers, it is likely that his embarrassment will soon result in a veritable declaration of love.

The same is true even if he continues to tease his beard. A "very good reason to prefer the men who wear it, even if not all agree ..."

7. What if you touch the tie? You are on horseback!

A man who straightens his tie in front of you, who plays with it, caresses it even more than once in a row, is undoubtedly crazy for you.

So look for an excuse to get him put on the first date and you will immediately have all the answers you are looking for!

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8. A male body in love, to tell you, imitates your gestures

A man strongly attracted to you, to prove it to you, could involuntarily end up repeating your most banal gestures, as if he were trying to make your understanding evident.

Pay attention to it then: if you raise a glass and immediately afterwards he does too, or if you touch your nose and he, without realizing it, imitates you ... they could all be signs of his passion.

Of course, if one of them were to play this game, it wouldn't be bad ...

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