Baby monitors: the best models on offer on Amazon

A baby is always an immense joy in a home, but how many responsibilities!
To keep it under control all the time you literally need eyes everywhere!
If when your puppy rests, you take the opportunity to dedicate some time to the rest of the family or to yourself, but you don't feel comfortable and run to check it after a few minutes, you really need a baby monitor!

The baby monitor consists of two devices, such as a walkie-talkie! There are models that transmit only the audio and models that record, thanks to a small video camera, what happens in the cradle.
The second device, on the other hand, is another speaker with or without a screen that allows you to see and hear what happens when your little one sleeps.

Convenient isn't it?

Audio or video? Choose the most useful functions for you!

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As there are several models of baby monitors available on the market, you need to select the features you find most useful in your home routine.

If you think that the baby monitor with audio only is enough, because maybe when he sleeps, you dedicate yourself to rather silent activities such as reading or doing yoga and in that case a cry will be enough to draw your attention, we recommend the Philips Avent model. DECT SCD501 / 00 which offers complete security and all the essential features of this type of device. Provides an extremely reliable connection with crystal clear sound and a comfortable relaxing night light for you and your baby.
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If you prefer a baby monitor with video camera, you have many models to decide on.
Our advice is to choose it according to the age of your baby: if it is very small, a fixed room will be enough to monitor the moment of bedtime.
The model we suggest is from Floureon which has a camera that works even in the dark thanks to infrared, it is also able to monitor the temperature of the room and will allow you to carry out your tasks, simply by glancing at the monitor.


Often children, when they dream, cry or make sounds and a glance at the monitor, will make you understand if it is necessary to go and check or if they are simply sleeping.

Another important feature of this Floureon model is that it allows you to speak through the microphone on the screen. Sometimes just the voice of the parents is enough to calm the children.
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Lullaby, Lullaby Oh ...

For babies who are already crawling, however, a baby monitor with a mobile camera is more suitable, with which to follow all the movements of your baby.
In addition, the Boifun model, in addition to the mobile chamber and the long-lasting battery, also has the lullaby function, which transmits sweet melodies, lulling and making your puppy go back to sleep!
You can find it on Amazon at € 56.09 (15% discount)

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