Baby bottle sterilizer: discover the best models

Nothing is more important than looking after your baby. To do it in the best possible way, even taking care of its accessories in detail is really very important.
Pacifiers, bottles, teats, when you have a baby at home, we are surrounded by these objects but we know that washing them is not enough! This is why mothers and fathers rely on special sterilizers.

Sterilizers are electrical devices that use steam to eliminate all bacteria present in baby bottles and pacifiers, thanks to the high temperatures it can reach.

Sterilizing is necessary! First of all, because babies are much more delicate than us and have lower immune defenses, you will avoid possible health problems or infections of the oral cavity, secondly sterilization serves to preserve the duration of the breastfeeding tools.

Why buy a sterilizer?

Years ago, our grandmothers preferred to boil our pacifiers and bottles in a pot.
As effective as it was, with the sterilizer it is possible to sterilize multiple objects at the same time, saving time and effort!

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We have selected the best models on Amazon, all hot, i.e. those that use steam, compared to cold ones that use chemical agents.
If you, like us, prefer the sterilization process to take place naturally, check out our list of the best bottle sterilizer models!

Nuvita portable sterilizer

The Nuvita UV sterilizer is extremely fast and simple to use. In just 3 minutes it completes a complete sterilization cycle. Baby bottles, teats or pacifiers can easily be placed inside the compartment to start sterilization which ends automatically by turning off the UV lamp with the off button. This convenient sterilizer can also be placed directly on the teat or on an empty bottle. It is portable, small and light and therefore can be stored in diaper bags, backpacks or even handbags.


Chicco 3-in-1 sterilizer

It can hold up to a maximum of six 330ml bottles but maintains a small size that takes up little space in the kitchen.In the Compact version it can hold up to a maximum of two 330 ml bottles, a breast pump or other small items such as pacifiers. Thanks to its small size it is suitable for most microwave ovens. To sterilize even faster in just three minutes at 1200W, just remove the top and place it in the microwave.


Chicco microwave sterilizer

Steam sterilization eliminates household germs thanks to the high temperature of the water and the sanitizing power of the steam without using chemicals. It does not leave residual odors or tastes on sterilized objects and does not require rinsing. A product that simplifies daily practice It allows you to sanitize all objects that come into contact with the child and, if necessary, to keep them protected until the lid is lifted, also in the package you will find practical pliers to remove and assemble the sterilized pieces.


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