The hymen

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a thin and flexible membrane that separates the vaginal cavity from the vulva, however, allowing menstrual blood to pass through one or more small openings. From the anatomical point of view, the hymen has no specific function.

Before proceeding, here are some curiosities about the vagina that you absolutely must know.

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The hymen can have various forms:

- annular hymen: it is the most widespread, has a ring shape with an opening in the center.

- labiate hymen: the opening consists of a narrow vertical or horizontal slit.

- cribriform hymen: it has numerous small openings.

- sickle hymen: the opening is located against the vaginal wall.

Is the laceration of the hymen painful?

The hymen is torn during the first sexual intercourse, at the moment of penetration, and may or may not lead to light bleeding. Only a few flaps of skin remain, which then heal.

Do not panic, usually the break is not painful, but it all depends on the kindness of the partner and the thickness of the membrane (if it is very resistant, the hymen can be cut surgically, with an operation called hymenectomy). The discomfort or even pain felt during the first sexual intercourse often depend more on the partner's inexperience and the rubbing of the sometimes poorly lubricated mucous membranes.

Can the hymen be broken before the first sexual intercourse?

Usually the hymen has a small opening that allows you to insert a tampon or a finger without tearing the membrane, however it can happen that the hymen breaks during childhood, cycling or doing gymnastics. However, these cases are very rare.

Is the hymen a guarantee of virginity?

Absolutely not. Some women, in fact, are born without a hymen while for others it does not tear during the first sexual intercourse but only afterwards or it does not tear at all. In these cases we speak of complacent hymen, which dilates without bleeding.

Can a torn hymen be reconstructed?

Yes, the surgery is called hymenoplasty. In some countries around the world, many women resort to this surgery just before marriage if they have lost their virginity previously and with another partner.

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