Retro decoration: how to give a vintage touch to your home

On Instagram and Pinterest, the current trend is homes furnished with a combination of modern furniture and antique treasures. It is not difficult to transform your apartment with the right ideas into a pearl, as long as you do not overdo it with the retro furniture. We will show you how to skillfully decorate your home with the right objects with a vintage flavor that will give it a neat and elegant look.

Where can I find vintage furniture?

Before furnishing your home with matching retro décor, you should consider whether you are looking for real antique artifacts or whether you are looking for modern replicas of old things.

Vintage artifacts are truly unique and often require a long search until you find what you are looking for. Good points of contact are the flea market or the Internet. In fact, vintage originals aren't always cheaper than new replicas. If they are in high demand by collectors, they can cost even more.

But don't worry, now there is a really nice retro-style decoration to buy. The advantages: Most things are not too expensive and are clean and fully functional.

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Vintage style light bulbs

We all know that the right lighting is the key, because it ensures a cozy atmosphere in our home. Do you have a suspended glass chandelier? Perfect, because instead of a regular light bulb you can simply wear a chic vintage light bulb in the Edison style. Just turn on the light to catapult you into another era!

Buy a set of vintage light bulbs on Amazon for € 13.99

Vintage globe: for all those who love to travel

Do you like to explore and go around the world? Then a nice globe in your apartment shouldn't be missing. In the retro version, it looks like a family heirloom or a deal made in a vintage shop in Paris. Put it in the living room and it will greatly enhance your room. You will feel like you are entering your grandfather's study, like when you were a child!

Buy a vintage globe on Amazon for € 44.99

The vintage suitcase: elegant but also useful!

Do you hate those decorations that just hang around the house and are useless? Then the retro-style suitcases are for you! Suitcases not only look great, they also act as storage space and make the mess disappear. Ideal for the bedroom or living room.
Our tip: create a stack of suitcases of different sizes to create a real piece of furniture.

Buy a set of 3 vintage-style suitcases on Amazon for € 22.90

An old radio: sound and design

Turn up the music and enjoy your first coffee. The kitchen is the perfect place for a retro-style radio. While you can listen to your favorite music thanks to modern technology, the vintage-style radio is indeed very beautiful to look at. You'll have sound quality and class to spare!

Buy a vintage-style radio from Amazon for € 44.67

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