5 signs that you have a bad person next to you

When a person is a person unable to convey love, very selfish and completely focused on himself, or specifically a person who enjoys the displeasure of others, then there is little to say. These types of people come into life as dark spots and they suck your life energy like vampires at their best.Our advice is to recognize negative people and keep them away.
This type of people is more annoying than these things, see which ones:

1. To feel better, he needs to belittle you

Have you ever had the feeling that by diminishing your character, work, family, body, another person feels better than you as a result? The competition, in this case unhealthy, that the other needs to establish in order to feel superior is one of the worst wickedness, because it is inculcated in a subtle way. Thus one would always need to discredit the other in order to rise up, and an unequal relationship, and moreover in which one always wants to make the other feel less, can only be harmful.

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2. You have understood that he is a little honest and not very sincere person

When a person is not clear, it doesn't take long to figure it out, just analyze their eyes and pay attention to their body language. If the lies have short legs, even the falseness and littleness of those who lie does not take long to manifest itself. A person who is not very honest can not only lie and cheat, but also put you in unpleasant situations of misunderstanding, just to show that he is himself the most sincere and honest person in the world. In short, those who lie do it to the end to the detriment of everything and everyone. Better to get away at the speed of light.

3. Likes to manipulate and take advantage of others

How to use an "other person against his will? Just manipulate him. Manipulators exist and are endowed with a natural aptitude to enter into people's habits and condition them in their favor. Unfortunately, the fundamental tool of a manipulator is the sense of guilt . These people are perhaps the most subtle and poisonous of all, because their wickedness is not expressed in an objective way, but always with a facade of goodness and good intentions. Getting rid of a manipulator is not easy but once done you can understand how much bad face.

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4. Offload one's responsibilities onto others, disregarding the consequences

There are those people who are completely unable to take on their responsibilities, always discharging the consequences of their mistakes on others. Obviously, at the basis of this attitude there is a strong selfishness, so if your actions have negative implications, the fault will always be yours and never theirs. Personal gain is to always do what you want, ignoring the fact that your priorities could affect those around you. At some point, better let go of those who only bring you collateral damage ...

5. He does not feel remorse and does not know how to apologize

Those who do not feel sorry, do not feel remorse when they commit a badness or a mistake, obviously then they have no interest in apologizing. These people don't even care that they can be bad, it's probably their natural way of thinking about things in life. This however, for those who are human and have a heart, seems inconceivable and always hopes that such people will change. Nothing to do: those who do not know how to feel remorse cannot be self-critical if not for personal gain. Remove immediately.

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Bad people? Some do not realize they are causing massive damage to others, but some know how to react strongly! See the stars who have been bullied:

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