This 106-year-old granny meets the Obamas and ... loses her mind! (video)

Meeting the president of the United States is certainly not something that happens every day and therefore you can easily understand the excitement of Virginia McLaurin. What is surprising, however, is the incredible energy with which the woman has faced the meeting: despite the her 106 years has performed in a breathtaking dance! The woman was received on the occasion of the "month of black history" and, as soon as the president approached her, it was not possible to contain the joy.
The video was posted on the White House Facebook page and went viral in no time!

'And "an honor, I never thought I'd be able to visit the White House. A black president ... with a black wife ... and I'm here to celebrate Black history."These are the words full of emotion uttered by Virginia McLaurin.

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© Screenshot Virginia McLaurin meets Barack and Michelle Obama

The woman has experienced many conflicts on her own skin, including two world wars. She takes care of disabled children and has been taking care of them for years by teaching them to read and write, without ever getting tired.
With such a big heart, it is impossible to grow old.

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