Straightener: how to use it so as not to damage the hair

The straightener is certainly the best method to obtain silky-smooth hair that keeps the style for a long time. Using it is very simple, but you need to pay attention so that you do not find yourself progressively with damaged, weakened and sensitized hair.

Let's start with a helpful tutorial on how to properly straighten your hair.

How to use the hair straightener without damaging it

Even if modern plates are certainly less aggressive than those of a few years ago, it is still advisable not to abuse them.

Before using the straightener, dry your hair thoroughly and comb it so that it does not have knots or tangles. Then adjust the temperature - by now all hair straighteners provide for it - being careful not to exceed 200 degrees, even if you have thick hair.

For normal hair, the ideal is a temperature of 180 degrees, while it would be advisable to lower it further if the shafts are very thin. And do not dwell on the same strand for too long, in order to avoid burning it!

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Also very useful are the thermo-protectors in cream or serum, which you can use on already blow-dried hair, before the passage of the straightener, to protect them from excessive heat. .

When you pass the hair straightener, also pay attention not to use it too close to the scalp and ears, you could incur painful burns! And if you want to maximize the duration of the crease, finish ironing with an anti-frizz fixing product.

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The best hair straighteners

If you decide to buy a straightener, make your choice preferring those with a ceramic or tourmaline coating, which damage the hair less.

Some of the latest generation straighteners also feature ion technology, which releases small particles that counteract the dryness caused by high heat and make the hair softer.

Finally, if you have fine hair, opt for thin plates (with blades of about 3 cm in width), while for thick hair oriented on wider plates (4/5 cm in width).

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For slightly damaged hair, steam straighteners are perfect: thanks to its benefits, in fact, this acts on the lock while preserving its integrity and structure, for an even more shiny and long-lasting result in complete safety.

And if you like to vary your hairstyle often keep in mind that the thin plates with rounded edges can also be used to create curls and soft waves.

Here are the best hair straighteners to choose from.

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Once you have straight and shiny hair you can indulge yourself with the most glamorous and sophisticated hairstyles. Look at these for example to get inspired!

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