Kunis-Kutcher soon parents: Demi Moore is desperate!

These days, the news of Mila Kunis' pregnancy is the undisputed protagonist of the gossip of the whole world. The actress and her partner Ashton Kutcher, who will soon get married too, stand out on all the magazines and gossip sites thanks to the love idyll they are experiencing. But all this happiness still made a victim: Demi Moore, ex-wife of the actor, hence the interpreter of Ghost she separated at the end of 2011 and who, however, seems to have never forgotten it.

According to the site Showbizspy, Demi would be literally desperate: "He told me he was not ready to build a family", the actress allegedly declared to some friends. "Demi is very jealous of Mila", said a source close to the woman, who continues : "She was even before she got with Ashton. Now that Mila has her man and she's pregnant with him, Demi is crazy. She's upset. He didn't even have the taste to let her know before it came out on the sites and in the newspapers. "That would have given her the opportunity to leave town. Now everyone is worried that this could be a real emotional shock for her."

And in the past, the actress had experienced moments of severe crisis due to the pain caused by the breakup with Kutcher, so much so that her daughters and ex-husband, Bruce Wills, who, worried about the ex's health, had pushed to intervene. a hospitalization. In fact, the actress seemed to have recovered, but unfortunately the news of the pregnancy and the future marriage between Kutcher and Kunis reopened the wound.

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Demi Moore