How to dress for a wedding in the evening and avoid mistakes!

The wedding in the evening is a real godsend when we are in the summer, the temperatures are very high and the sunset is a real salvation. But it is also very romantic in winter, as it welcomes guests in a warm and intimate place when the temperatures drop even further. The point is one: how to dress at a wedding in the evening? What can we wear and what clothes should we prefer for this type of ceremony? There are some factors to take into consideration before choosing our wedding outfit:

  • location: if we are outdoors, in a garden or on the beach, the wedding look probably won't have to be too serious, but we can abandon ourselves to floating fabrics and particular patterns. If instead we are invited to a very luxurious location, perhaps on the terrace or in an old convent, the demands will probably be higher.
  • degree of formality: the location, together with other details, give information on the degree of formality required at the wedding, which in turn will be a relevant factor for the choice of our outfit.
  • information on participations: participations often give us very precise indications on the type of dress code required for the wedding.

In short, before choosing the dress for our wedding in the evening, we must have a broad look at the type of ceremony in which we will participate, especially if the bride and groom are our dear friends or relatives. And in this case, do not forget to give the right tips to the bride, like these:

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How to dress for an evening wedding in the summer

Whether it's June, July or August, we know that in these seasons the wedding in the evening is the best solution. This is because it allows us not to suffocate in the heat of the early afternoon and to be able to wear a long dress with a certain ease. The etiquette in fact suggests the long dress for this type of wedding, but with variations both in terms of fantasy and materials. Let's see some suggestions:

Type of dress for an evening wedding in summer:
as we said, the etiquette dictates that for an evening wedding you should opt for a long dress or at least a cocktail dress, or those dresses that have the hem just below the knee. Depending on the shape of your body, you can opt for a long dress with a classic and straight line, but also for a peplum that recalls ancient Rome. Do not forget the suits, some of which are really refined and original. You can choose jumpsuits with palazzo trousers in light and summer fabrics and that's it!

Materials of the dress for an evening wedding in the summer:
for a summer wedding to be held in the evening, opt for light fabrics, which will make you feel comfortable and above all fresh. You can choose between: silk, crepe, chiffon or satin. Only in the case of special and very informal weddings, we can opt for a linen suit, as long as it still maintains a high degree of elegance!

Dress color for an evening wedding in summer:
evening and summer bring together a bit of freedom: on the one hand we can opt for single-color dresses or separates, which is indicated by etiquette as preferable for this type of wedding. Summer, however, also allows us to choose a beautiful fantasy, full of joy and colors. We can therefore opt for a fuchsia, an antique pink, an electric blue, an emerald green, a Tiffany blue, but also for floral or geometric prints that mix these colors in a balanced and skilful way!

© Elisabetta Franchi How to dress for an evening wedding in the summer

Here are some of our favorite dresses for a summer evening wedding that we recommend buying:

  • long electric blue dress with one shoulder on Amazon for € 42.90
  • long fuchsia chiffon dress on Amazon for € 39.99
  • Bright green lace and chiffon dress on Amazon for € 29.99

And in the winter? Here's how to dress for an evening wedding!

How to dress for a wedding in winter always leaves some perplexity: can I wear socks? Will I be cold? The dress code of the evening ceremony, however, comes against us: yes to long dresses and yes to trousers, which is why the "cold" issue is quite outdated. In short, whether the wedding is in October or December, we are sure that we can cover ourselves more. A nice elegant coat and the look starts from excellent assumptions. Let's see in detail what clothes to wear.

Type of dress for an evening wedding in winter:
long dress, like equally long sleeves, can represent the ideal choice. There are many dresses with lace or organza sleeves, which give the dress a really sensual touch. The skirt can go straight, but also wide and soft. We can also choose a longuette cocktail dress, combining it with a jacket, even crop top. If you want to opt for maximum comfort, choose wide palazzo trousers, to be combined with a morbina blouse and a jacket, but also jacket and trouser suits, to be combined with a structured shirt or flounces.

Materials of the dress for an evening wedding in winter:
for an evening wedding in winter, opt for elegant but warm fabrics such as cashmere, vicuña wool, but also shetland or gabardine. These fabrics are ideal for jacket and trouser suits, to be combined in turn with silk or chiffon for shirts or blouses.

Dress color for an evening wedding in winter:
winter brings with it a darker color palette, without detracting from some brighter or more neutral colors. We can opt for a navy blue, a burgundy, a dark gray, but also for a pearl gray, an emerald green, an antique pink or a beige. If you choose a mono-colored look, don't forget to liven up the outfit with bright or special accessories!

© Max Mara How to dress for a wedding in the evening in winter

Here are our favorite picks for a winter evening wedding:

  • Longuette dress with wide forest green skirt on Amazon at 24 €
  • Long electric blue dress with sweetheart neckline on Amazon for € 32.99
  • Elegant burgundy suit on Amazon at 30 €

The most suitable accessories for an evening wedding

The choice of accessories for an evening wedding is always tied to the season. In principle, depending on the type of dress, we can opt for one accessory or another. If you have chosen a long dress with a neckline from the smallest to the most important, focus your attention on a beautiful necklace, possibly a choker or in any case short enough. The important thing is that it shines, as if you were stars in the night. If you have chosen a high-necked dress, or a shirt, focus on earrings: pendants, even important ones, or by ear but never too small. If the wedding is in the summer and your arms are uncovered, you can also opt for some rigid bracelet to match the colors of the dress. If you have long sleeves, choose a small and very bright bracelet! And finally, don't forget the bag. In general, for ceremonies, our advice is to opt for a mini-bag, a clutch, precious and original, just like these:

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© Stella McCartney Stella McCartney ceremony bag

Also look at all the ceremony bags available on Amazon!

Mistakes to avoid for an evening wedding

By following these tips, you will hardly get your wedding dress wrong in the evening. However, what was said at the beginning must be taken into account. Pay attention to details such as the information on the invitation, the type of location chosen by the newlyweds, the level of formality required for the event.
A few tricks:

  • if the wedding will be on a lawn or on the beach, absolutely banned stilettos. The risk would be to find yourself planted with heels in one of these two things and find yourself doing the tower of Pisa in the middle of the evening.
  • If you're wearing pantyhose, don't forget a spare pair in your bag: there's nothing worse than a torn stocking in the middle of the photo with the bride and groom!
  • If the wedding in the evening will be outdoors, but perhaps at high altitude, do not forget to think of a jacket to match your dress and not causally taken before leaving the house.
  • Whatever your choice of outfit, don't forget to feel good about yourself and feel at ease!

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