Furnish with pink

If you want to give a touch of pink to your home, follow our advice!

From myth to romance novels

According to the Greek-Roman mythology, the pink color would have come from a smile that Cupid would have addressed to his mother Venus, goddess of beauty. In short, a softer version of the flames of passion!

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In chromotherapy it is believed that pink drives away sad thoughts: is it not perhaps said to “see life in pink”? In the 90s, pink takes on kitsch tones and is associated with Harmony-style love novels, while today its more discreet colors (pastel, old pink ...) are especially appreciated.

In which rooms?

Synonymous with calm, voluptuousness and tenderness, pink is especially suitable for the bedroom. In Feng Shui it is recommended as the main color to reconcile couples in crisis.

Combined with green, fuchsia pink will give a contemporary touch to the living area of ​​your home and in the lively kiwi / raspberry combination it will be perfect for your kitchen.

In the bathroom, a pastel or candy pink will be very suitable for a boudoir setting, while it is a color to avoid when entering or in the study since these rooms are dedicated to more intense activity (cerebral or physical). In any case, pink will give light to dark corners and make cold environments more welcoming.

What colors to match it with?

Yellow and blue are to be avoided because they spoil the shine, while black, green or chocolate brown are perfect to make it stand out and create a chromatic effect. As always, however, it's just a matter of taste! We therefore recommend that you get a color palette - you can easily find one in DIY stores - and try to combine pink with the other colors.

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