Farewell, World Cup. Italy was defeated by Urugay

After having (unexpectedly, let's face it) beat England 2-1 and losing (even here unexpectedly) against Costa Rica 0-1, the match against Urugay saw many Italians glued to the screens, with bated breath.

A defeat that for our Azzurri is equivalent to leaving the World Cup with a great bitterness in the mouth, especially after showing a much better team in the qualifiers.

The Natal stadium saw two less aggressive teams than expected when there is a place at stake to continue in the World Cup, at least in the first half. An Italy that started with a good distribution on the field and more possession of the ball with respect to the opponents. Around the 21st minute Balotelli is given a yellow card, which would have precluded his participation in the next match.
A first half that ends 0-0, but with a well-distributed national team on the field and with good phrasing, even if at times a bit dirty.
The first 10 minutes of the second half see very little happen, until Marchisio suffers an erroneous (or perhaps exaggerated?) Red card that forces him to go out for an alleged foul against no. 17 of Uruguay (Godìn) and which obliges our national team to have only 10 players on the field.
At the 70th minute Prandelli makes a change and lets Cassano in instead of Immobile, who leaves him with another possible change for the Azzurri.
It is at the 80th that Uruguay scores the goal thanks to a corner kick. The goal is scored from the shoulder by Godìn.

Thus ends, with a 1-0, Italy's race for the World Cup, with so much bitterness, many ifs and many buts and a great disappointment on the part of all the Azzurri fans.

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What happens now? Once all the matches of this group are over, all the teams classified in the round of 16 will clash and cross each other. For example: the 2nd classified of group D, will go to play against the first classified of group C, and the first classified of group H will clash with second classified of group G. Difficult? Yes, maybe a little, especially for those who don't chew football well, but we assure you that it is less complex than it seems. Now that Italy is out, will you continue to follow the World Cup? We invite you to console yourself by glazing at some of the sexiest footballers of the 2014 World Cup.