Moisturize and protect your baby in hot weather

Moisturize your baby's skin

In the summer, you need to moisturize your baby's skin every day. In addition to a moisturizing action, the basic creams deeply nourish the skin and offer protection against aggression from external agents, such as heat.

Apply day cream to your baby's face and hands after each bath and every time you take him out, and don't forget to moisturize the rest of the body with a specific cream as well.

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What products to use?

Choose specific products for children, which are suitable for their skin not yet fully mature. In general, products for adults are too aggressive for children's skin, even simple moisturizers.

The chosen cream must have a hypoallergenic formula and a neutral PH. Often these products are enriched with shea butter, calendula, aloe vera or with thermal water. If your baby has very dry skin, you can use a cold cream, which has an extremely moisturizing action even in summer.

Refresh your baby

Always keep a can of spray water at hand (you can find it in any supermarket) that you have left some in the fridge and spray it on your child's face at regular intervals, you will see that he will have a lot of fun. You can also moisten a washcloth and wipe it over your body so that you immediately feel a sensation of freshness.

If you have a garden you can buy a small inflatable pool, perfect for cooling off while playing, but in this case, never leave your child alone! Do not forget to always cover his head, since the reflection of the water increases the harmful effects of the sun.

Make him drink at regular intervals

In the summer it is important to drink often. Your baby, especially if he is very young, he does not yet have the reflex of asking for water when he is thirsty, you have to think about giving him a drink often enough. There are no rules on quantity, but it is important that your baby drinks throughout the day, at regular intervals. You can also give him a bottle with cold milk, it has the same moisturizing effect as water.

In home

At home, keep the blinds closed to prevent outside heat from entering. You can also create a current of air with a fan, but don't point it directly at your baby. Let your baby breathe without squeezing him in your arms or putting him in the carrier too often. To avoid fidgeting and sweating, suggest quiet activities. If it's really hot, don't hesitate to dress your baby only in a diaper, even if it's just a few days old.

How to protect it from the sun

The sun is a real enemy for your baby! Also abound with sunscreen, on the beach but also in the city: use a specific cream for children, preferably waterproof if you are on the beach or in the pool. Never expose him to the sun between 12 and 16, rather take the opportunity to let him take a nap. Don't forget to put his sunglasses on: his eyes are fragile and could be irreparably damaged. To protect his face and avoid sunstroke, put on a hat, with or without a visor.

Beware of the hottest hours

Do not take your baby outside at any time, avoid the hottest hours and days when the temperature exceeds 30 °: even if your baby is not directly exposed to the sun, the pram retains the heat inside. The same goes for the stroller: the child is closer to the ground and feels the heat of the asphalt. Avoid taking the car, which can become a real oven, and rather propose walks in the woods or near a body of water (along a river or on the edge of a lake), where it is less hot.

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