Tea, to feel fit

Tea, good for vitality

Moisturizing properties: it may seem obvious but tea, like water, is a totally calorie-free drink and has a high moisturizing power. Good hydration is essential for the body and brain to function at their maximum capacity. The results are visible: healthy skin and a healthy body.

Of the energizing virtues: Like caffeine, the theine contained in tea is a very powerful stimulant that gives you full energy. Unlike caffeine, which is a stimulant that should not be abused, tea is much healthier and also promotes the absorption of vitamin C.

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An intense pleasure: tea promotes the production of serotonin, the pleasure hormone, and dopamine, an energizing substance.

Tea, good for health

A possible anti-cancer action: According to some research, it seems that the polyphenols in tea protect against cancer. Furthermore, regular tea consumption would allow the body to strengthen its immune system. This hypothesis has only been proven by laboratory tests, research continues ...

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant: since it contains flavonoids, tea is antioxidant, hypoallergenic and helps breathing. Tea, with its anti-inflammatory virtues, is good for the lungs and helps prevent colds.

Good for the heart: it seems that tea also has the virtue of preventing cardiovascular disease. Drinking three cups of tea a day would decrease heart problems by 11%.

Tea, good for serenity

Relax: tea contains theanine, which reduces stress, provided you drink at least three cups a day.

A sip of heat: it is all too obvious, but a cup of tea warms the body and spirit. To sip your tea, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the moment: drinking a cup of tea is a way to pamper yourself, especially in winter.

Thirst-quenching: instead of rushing to the lemonade (which is also high in sugar), when it's hot, have a tea. In the desert, for centuries, Tuaregs have been drinking tea to quench their thirst: drinking something hot, in fact, makes you sweat and perspiration helps the body to regulate its internal temperature.

Choose and consume tea

Green or black? Once harvested, the tea leaves are subjected to a more or less important number of treatments, which result in the different varieties of tea. Green tea is not fermented, while black tea undergoes a long fermentation. Green tea leaves are richer in antioxidants.

Loose or in sachet? It doesn't matter, what matters is the quality! Some very fine tea brands put exactly the same leaves in the bags as they put in the jars of loose tea. In general, the price is a guarantee of quality: avoid discount brands!

Organic or not? Biological! The tea leaves are treated with pesticides. But beware: the fact that it is organic does not guarantee the quality of the tea, nor the flavor.

Long or short infusion? The longer the infusion, the more you take advantage of the antioxidant qualities of the tea, while if the infusion is short it is the stimulating qualities that prevail. To take full advantage of all the virtues of tea, the infusion must last at least 8 minutes: if the infusion lasts less than 5 minutes you will only benefit from 25% of its properties.

Mineral or tap water? Water makes up 98% of the cup, so it's better to ask yourself the problem! In reality, the origin of the water does not matter, the important thing is that it has no flavor.You don't have to boil the water, just make it quiver.

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