Does he tell you these 6 sentences? It means that he really likes you!

You've been dating a guy for a while, yet you still don't have clear ideas about it. Or rather, your ideas are very clear, but it seems that his are much more cryptic ... friends, you talk often but no scheduled outings and when you go out together organize but not too much: what lies behind the phrases he tells you, do they mean what you think or c "is something more?
Are you ready for a movie night just you and him?

1. "I've been to a place ... We have to get back together!"

A man who wants to show you something he liked is a man who wants to share a piece of the road with you. Tastes are extremely personal and the fact that together with your friends or colleagues you think of you and that he wants to take you to a place that has fascinated him, sends a very clear message!

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2. "If you want I'll give you a hand"

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Everyone likes feeling useful, but we like feeling useful even more when someone we are interested in, or even love, needs a hand in. If you have a problem and he goes out of his way to solve it, chances are he's not just a guy with a big heart - he has a big heart and he makes it available, for you.

3. "Did you get home?"

This is one of the loveliest phrases ever when someone is honest about your condition after an evening together or after a particularly busy day. The idea of ​​knowing that you are safe and sound calms him down and wants you to know that he is thinking of you: a person like that, it is better not to let it slip away!

4. "How are you?"

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If it is not intended as a phrase of circumstance, behind these two words an entire universe is hidden. We are used to the "how are you" instinctively followed by the more classic of "well thank you, and you", but what if a "good" is not enough? If he likes you he will want to know more and, if he ever realizes that you don't want to talk about it ... Just know that he wants to listen to you, and not just like you on social networks ...

5. "I remember you are allergic to this, right?"

Do you go out for dinner a second time and he remembers his tastes and allergies? He wouldn't do that if he wasn't interested in you! This kind of concern for you is just another sign: the guy is applying himself and really wants to take the relationship to the next level.

6. "As soon as I saw it I thought of you"

You meet and he brings with him a thought, a candy, a flower, the flyer of an exhibition you talked about: it is a real declaration of love. Happiness does not lie in big gestures, but in small ones that, one after the other, make us smile every day.

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