Running shoes: which ones to choose to start running?

There are a thousand ways to keep fit: fitness classes, pilates, aerobics, body building and many others, but among the favorites there are outdoor sports, such as cycling (cycling is a great way to keep fit and at the same time respect the environment) and the race.
Practicing outdoor sports is actually very pleasant, especially when it's not too cold outside and you don't want to lock yourself in the gym.
Running, of all, is a very intimate moment: taking a jog, perhaps near a beach or in a park, puts you in touch with your deepest sides and will give you a few hours of meditation, essential when you have a hectic but at the same time sedentary life, always in front of the computer.

Running will help you unload and get to know yourself better, test your limits, listen to your body.

Some tips to start running

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  • Set small goals to achieve gradually, for example: start running slowly, in the first few days of training, as long as you can and when you can't, keep walking, still keeping a steady pace. The secret is not to stop!

  • Choose linear and flat routes that you know well! Do not venture into isolated places or on country roads, where cars circulate regardless of the limits, certainly the air is cleaner, but it is better to choose a more popular route.

  • Increase the duration of your run every day: start a few minutes and try to increase by 5-10 minutes every time you run.

  • Stretch! Stretching is essential when exercising, before and after running, to avoid muscle tears and bruises.
  • Listen to your body: it is important to respect your own times and understand how hard you can strive, especially at the beginning. We are not all the same and it is really difficult to become marathon athletes after just one workout! So if you feel tired and sore, stop and consult a doctor and do not force your body Sport is to make us feel better!

What will you need?

Compared to most sports, running does not require large expenses in terms of equipment.
Choose comfortable and appropriate clothes (a pair of leggings and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt, will be fine to start with).

Choose a colorful detail (in clothing or shoes), which will make you more visible if it is dark outside, which is very useful if you choose to run in an area where cars are circulating.
The important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Another important element is choosing the right sports bra. It will allow you the right support and freedom of movement, without risking that the breasts come out of the cups of a regular bra.

Bring a bottle of water with you, hydration is always important, but when you play sports, you sweat and lose a lot of minerals. It is essential to replenish them by drinking plenty of water.

If you run alone, bring an mp3 player or your mobile phone with you! You will see that the right playlist will give you the right rhythm and reduce fatigue.

Last, but not least, the running shoes!
Here's how to choose the right ones for you!

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What use will you make of it?

Depending on where you decide to run, you will have to choose your new running shoes.
If you will run on asphalt or on a special course or perhaps in the gym on a treadmill, you will need comfortable shoes with good responsiveness but without particular characteristics of grip or resistance.


A lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, affordable model like the Nike Tajun might be the right shoes for you.
With a very soft sole, you will have the sensation of running on the sand.
Ideal for the gym or running on asphalt, the cushioning is optimal but the characteristic of this model is its lightness. Thanks to the sole and upper, both very light, this shoe is worn like a sock and will make you forget you have them on feet!

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If, on the other hand, you live in the countryside or near the sea or do not fear rain and frost, you will need an outdoor model: a model based on resistance to wear. In this way you will avoid traumas of any nature, which are quite common when running on terrain. bumpy or in the wet!


The model that best reflects these characteristics are the Mizuno Wave Rider. The sole of these shoes is a combination of rubber and carbon, which protects the shoe from wear with the ground and ensures good grip even on wet surfaces. The upper is made of lightweight fabric and allows breathability, while the midsole is made of U4ic, a compact foam with excellent shock absorption and cushioning.

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When buying running shoes, a key component of the choice is the weight of the wearer. Up to 65 kg it is considered a featherweight. Over 75 kg, it will be necessary to choose shoes with excellent cushioning capacity, which are better able to cushion the impact on landing, significantly reducing its strength.


The advantages of the Asics Gel Cumulus are mainly the comfort, the availability of colors and the excellent cushioning system, particularly reactive. This model involves a lower incidence of pain or cramps during the race thanks to the FluidRide Gel technology which implements the cushioning.
In addition, it has an inner sole that maintains perspiration and prevents the formation of microorganisms.

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