Phrases for the 50th birthday: here are all the most beautiful

When a friend, a family member or an important person turns 50, you can wish him well by dedicating one of these phrases to him. It is a wish that comes from the heart to celebrate a special milestone in life and celebrate it with the importance it deserves. These are all the most beautiful, funniest and most exciting phrases we have selected on the topic. And if, along with the greeting card, you also want to give a bouquet of flowers, don't miss this video!

Funny 50 years birthday phrases

If you have to send your wishes to a person who turns 50, do it with irony! These are the funniest and most ironic phrases to lightly celebrate an important milestone. A witty joke about advancing age always puts you in a good mood and lifts the spirits even to those who do not like to celebrate their birthday.

You are always very young. Tell the truth, you have an aging portrait in the attic for you! Best wishes!

Not everyone is over fifty without being fined. Best wishes!

If it hurts you to say you're 50, try 49.99. In the supermarket it works. Best wishes!

Since a year on Mars lasts 687 days, you are very happy with your 26 years! Best wishes!

Best wishes for your 50 years. Over time he always staggers but with more experience and art. Live your life and forget your age. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday. And what a birthday. Of those with a capital C. Which is also C of Fifty.
And then C of Heart, C of Awareness, C of achievements, C of Creativity, C of new Colors. Best wishes for your fifty years! (ps. we will think about the "side effects" of aging in about thirty years!). Fabrizio Caramagna

50 years! You have become the majority shareholder in your life. Best wishes!

50th birthday ... or if you prefer 2800 weeks, 18250 days, 438000 hours!

Life begins at 50. The other 49 were just training.

Keep calm. 50 is the new 30.

You are always 20 years old. You only added 30 years of experience! Best wishes!

Best wishes for your 30 years, you bring them very well! Ps: Where did you hide the other 20 ?!

Welcome into the 50's. Birthdays with round numbers are the most beautiful.

Best wishes for your 50 years! I know it. It starts to be downright demoralizing to see how far you have to scroll back to find your birth year in the drop down menu !! But how much more wisdom!

Happy Birthday! But it's been 30 years, because the Supreme Court has established the prescription of the first 20!
Your DNA genes should be bottled up and stored, because, with each passing year, you look younger and younger. Best wishes for your 50 years!

Best wishes. But for me they are 40 and not 50 and this time my usual typos have nothing to do with it. Are you going through the half-age crisis? Why do you look 25 instead of 50!

If someone asks you about your age today, don't say you're 50, but tell them that you liked 25 so much that you wanted to do it for a second time. Happy Birthday.

50 years birthday phrases

Exciting phrases on the birthday of 50 years

The most exciting phrases to dedicate to a person who turns 50 on the most important day of the year.

Do you remember how happy you were at 5 when you blew out the candles. Be 10 times happier today. Happy 50th birthday!

50 is just a number when you are young forever. Happy birthday!

You are in the age of the most beautiful smile. Best wishes for your 50 years. Never forget how much we love you.

Age is not measured in years. But in emotions. Happy birthday!

I wish you birthday for this great milestone which is half a century. I wish you to live the second part of your life as well as the first!

Half a century of life for a princess that looks half a century at the most… Greetings my darling!

“Albo signanda lapillo dies”. To be marked with white chalk on the calendar, the Latins said of special, memorable days. And this day it is. Immense wishes for your 50 years. Fabrizio Caramagna

May the next 50 be even better than the first. Happy birthday!

50 years of wisdom, beauty, charm, sweetness, grace and generosity ... Happy birthday!

I wish you fifty years and I confide a secret to you for the occasion: the secret to staying young is to have many interests, to eat well and above all not to say your age!

Best wishes! You show them all but they fit you to God.

You don't move on in life if you don't break some rules, actually, a lot of rules. And the first rule to break is that your age matches your age. No. You are immensely younger.
Happy birthday! Fabrizio Caramagna

Only later, in the golden age of fifty years, a strong period slandered by poets and the registry office, only later do you know how much wealth there is in the serene oases of being with yourself, alone. But this comes later. Goliarda Sapienza

Best wishes for your fifty years and thank my calendar ... How could I have remembered it since you don't even have a wrinkle!

You have 50! The time has come to make your mark on the world and explore Antarctica or become an astronaut. Let your mind launch into exciting new challenges… after your afternoon nap, of course !!

You know you start to be fifty when you stop using Facebook to socialize and start using it to spy on your children. Happy 50th birthday. Anonymous

Fifty years and not hearing them, and above all, not seeing them! Best wishes from the heart!

50 years birthday phrases for someone special

Phrases for your 50th birthday

If you are turning 50 you can use one of these phrases to celebrate your birthday without taking yourself too seriously. Thank everyone who congratulated you with a lightning joke.

In exactly one week it's my birthday and I feel so much like the goods from the supermarket ... Now I'm at 49.99!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes for my 50 years, but on Mars I am 26 years old. On Jupiter I would have just over 4. Anonymous

We should never believe a woman declaring her true age. The one who reveals it is ready to tell everything. Oscar Wilde

There are diseases that, sooner or later, happen to everyone in life. Like getting scarlet fever or getting fifty. But don't worry. Just take a cake with candles, blow on it, a few weeks of convalescence and everything is over! Fabrizio Caramagna

It's not my 50s. I'm just a little system update from my 30s.

At 20 I was playing soccer.
At 30 I was playing tennis.
At 50 I play golf.
It is clear that the older you get, the smaller your balls get. Anonymous

I have to stop being young at 50. What then the INPS sees me and moves me more and more the retirement age!

In life the possibilities are endless. The only limitations are those that our mind places on us. Thank you all for the good wishes!

The best thing about fifty years is that, whatever happens, the midlife crisis can be blamed. I thank you for the good wishes.

The luck of the over 50s:
Silver in the hair
Gold in the teeth
Stones in the kidneys
Sugar in the blood
Lead in the feet
Iron in the joints.
Let's face it, as kids we didn't dream of accumulating so much wealth! Anonymous

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is your job to deserve the one you will have at fifty. Coco Chanel

At twenty, everyone said to me: "You'll see when you're fifty!" I am now fifty and have not seen anything. Erik Satie

A man who at fifty sees the world as he did at twenty, has wasted thirty years of his life. Muhammad Ali

50 years birthday phrases: for a loved one

Phrases for the 50th birthday of a loved one

For a special someone's 50th birthday, wish her happy by dedicating one of these phrases to her. To mum, best friend, dad, your love: a sincere and moving dedication to celebrate a happy day together!

You are just halfway to turning 100, you still have a long way to go! Meanwhile, Happy Birthday!

That 50 you see on your cake is not the age, but a speed limit: go slowly at a certain age now! Seriously, best wishes for your 50 years.

You are and will always be the best dad in the world: many wishes for you!

My best friend turns 50: 50 candles to blow out on the best day. I love you.

If at 50 you pretend to be like at 30, you have lost. If at 50 you limit yourself to being the best version of yourself, you are a winner. And you are a winner, mom! Alessandra Ferri

Forty years are the old age of youth, but fifty years are the youth of old age. Happy birthday to my dad. Victor Hugo

When you turn 50 there is a feeling of liberation. You feel free to focus only on what is really important, because you become much more aware of the passage of time. We have gone through various phases, it has made a clean sweep of everything that tends to slow down your projects. To my best friend a thousand special wishes.Brad Pitt

Before the age of fifty, one is young and beautiful. After it is beautiful. To my beautiful mom. Jacques Higelin

Today's 50-year-olds all lose their memory. They don't remember being 50 and think they are still 20. Anonymous

Come on, I would say that apart from the hair that is already almost all white, the new wrinkles on the face, the first symptoms of arthrosis, your 50 years are good ... Maybe! Do you imagine! Joke, happy birthday. You are not 50, but 40 + VAT. Best wishes! Anonymous

Today, you will blow out fifty candles but you will light up the souls of all of us with your joyful smile. Never stop being the way you are. Best wishes to my special love.

Just like in a football match, now the second half begins for you: make it as spectacular as the first. Happy birthday for your 50th birthday.

I'm just telling you that if everyone wore their 50s like you, the world would seem populated only by kids! I love you dad.

I wish my child who grew up so fast to be happy all the time. I love you, your mom.

Dear mom, can you imagine what life would have been like without us? On the most special day for you, I wish you well.

Dear friend, you are the most special being I have ever known. I love you forever.

To my love on his fiftieth birthday: sometimes you are like a child to look after but I love you and I will always love you. Best wishes!

My friend, never change: I love you crazy and carefree just as you are. Being your companion on adventure is great. W i 50 years!

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