This is why electric hand dryers with hot air are to be avoided

Certainly one of the protagonists of car journeys with stops at the motorway restaurant, but also in general, always present in public toilets: the electric hot air hand dryer. Fast, painless and also pleasant, in short, who would have thought it was a bacteria collector? Instead it seems to be so, so from today, better choose a travel towel, or the classic handkerchief. But find out how many and which everyday objects are just as dirty, so sometimes we have to change our habits, look:

Why avoid electric hand dryers

The study conducted by researchers from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine took place right in the bathrooms of their own universities. In fact, in these bathrooms they placed sterile plates: if the electric towels were not operated, after 18 hours, at most one bacterial colony had grown on the sterile plates. But if operated for as little as 30 seconds, in the same amount of time, 18 to 60 colonies appear on average. The germs in question, which the devices collect from the bathrooms, range from Escherichia Coli (one of the main causes of urinary infections, such as cystitis) to Staphylococcus aureus. Although the addition of filters helps to reduce the spread of spores by 4 times , these certainly do not prevent it. Conclusion? More wipes and less artificial hot wind.

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