K-Beauty: our selection of the best hand creams made in South Korea, the home of beauty!

K-beauty is a term used to define cosmetics from South Korea, where the culture of beauty is very strong and the technology applied to cosmetics is extremely advanced! Korean techniques are becoming so popular that some products have already been around the world and now you can find them in Europe too!

When a new window opens on the beauty world, it is inevitable to be amazed by all the news available. Many times you can be spoiled for choice even to buy a simple hand cream! But don't worry, we've done a thorough research and are ready to answer your curiosity about the best South Korean solutions to protect your hands from the approaching cold!

Watch our tutorial to create a DIY natural scrub and discover the 5 best Made in Korea hand creams available on Amazon!

TonyMoly peach-based anti-aging cream

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We can have beauty and quality at the same time! This is one of the mottoes of the K-beauty TonyMoly brand. Their packages are always carefully crafted to bring tenderness to even the hardest of hearts.

This cream we recommend is an excellent choice: made with peach and apricot, it has light whitening properties to reduce small sun spots. Its packaging, small and really nice, will always remind you which is the main ingredient of the cream!

Buy on Amazon for € 5.42

Etude House hand cream in panda pack

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With a package that rivals that of TonyMoly in puppyhood, the Etude House hand cream is an excellent gift idea for your beauty-freak friend! A fantastic cream to keep the skin soft and protect it from the cold.

Its aroma is pleasant and the cream is rapidly absorbed; when the cream is finished, its packaging can become a sweet jewel case!

Buy on Amazon for € 6.14

Aloe-based cream was Nature Republic

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The aloe vera-based moisturizer is an alternative for those who don't like the residue left by traditional hand creams very much: its gel consistency guarantees fast absorption and zero residues! It has a refreshing and highly moisturizing effect!

Buy on Amazon for € 12.98

The new trend: Foodaholic hand cream with snail slime

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It may seem strange to you, but snail drool is a great ally in your beauty routine! This discovery has developed in recent years: it has shown extraordinary results in regenerating our skin! The Foodaholic brand has created an emollient and regenerating cream, combining this surprise ingredient with macadamia oil, grape seed oil, green tea extract. Perfect for those with sensitive hands that are easily damaged in the cold!

Buy on Amazon for € 8

One more treat: Oh K hand moisturizer

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Imagine our reaction when we saw this round panda! The super tender Oh K hand cream is super effective! Based on cherry blossoms, it will make your skin protected and hydrated even on the coldest days of the year! Its texture is velvety and the fragrance is very pleasant!

Buy on Amazon for € 15.02 <

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