Accused of witchcraft, this Nigerian child has defeated death (photos)

Her name is Hope and her story is able to give us back hope. The founder of the Danish association DINNødhjælp, an NGO that works to help African children, was in Nigeria when she came across a severely malnourished child. He was accused of witchcraft and was left to fend for himself for 8 long months, feeding alone of the little food thrown at him by those who turned out to be not too superstitious.

Suffering from malnutrition to a critical level, emaciated and dehydrated, the 2 or 3 year old child (difficult to give a precise answer due to his poor health) was found more dead than alive. "When I saw him, my blood literally froze in my veins", Anja Ringgren Loven told the Danish media. The child was promptly taken to the hospital where he was able to begin a long journey towards recovery.

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The photos of the rescue were posted on the association's Facebook page and immediately went around the world. Hope is now in stable condition and is finally smiling again. In his misfortune he started a real solidarity contest, the donations of internet users reached the stellar figure of 133 000 € in a few days.
Hope was found on January 31 in Nigeria and Anja hopes to be able to build a clinic where children abandoned by families can grow up calm and healthy.


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