Here comes the Befana: 5 socks with surprise for all ages!

The Christmas holidays are always a magical time to share with friends and family and it's always sad when they come to an end.
But before getting back to the routine, take advantage of the last holiday to give a moment of joy to the people you love.
Whether it's sweets, or games, or beauty products, the Befana stocking is always an appreciated gift.

The tradition of the stocking full of gifts from the Befana is very old.
In pagan culture, but also in Celtic culture, it was customary to celebrate abundance through the exchange of gifts, a few days after the winter solstice, which coincides precisely with the current night of the Epiphany between 5 and 6 January.
With the advent of Catholicism, the figure of the Befana was associated with that of an old woman who did not want to help the Magi find Bethlehem.
Repenting, a few days later, she decided to give, despite being so poor that she could not afford shoes, sweet and small gifts, to all the children.
For this reason the children hang some socks, to be given to the generous old woman.

Other legends tell that the Befana and Santa Claus are married, still others that the two can't stand each other!
In short, the night of the Epiphany is full of magic and fascinating and mysterious stories to tell to adults and children!

We have chosen the 5 best socks at great prices on Amazon, each with its own surprise.
Choose the one that best suits the person who will receive yours, there is something for everyone!

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Kinder Happy Snack


A great classic that both mothers and children like.
Celebrate the arrival of the Befana with the quality of Kinder chocolate.
Also great idea to give adults a little thought!
10 of the most popular Kinder snacks, to share with the people you love most!

Buy on Amazon for € 15.75

Hasbro Play-Doh


For younger children, who are certainly interested in playing much more than eating, Play-Doh, a brand famous for its plasticine-based games, offers a sock to be discovered.
Let the children have fun making and assembling scenarios and characters with a safe and non-toxic plasticine!

Buy on Amazon for € 21.75

Hasbro Disney Princess


If your little girl is a fan of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora etc ... you can't not give her this sock inspired by Disney princesses!
Discover all its magical surprises and essential accessories to be a true fairytale princess.
Your princess will thank you!

Buy on Amazon for € 22.52 (15% discount)

Hasbro Avengers


For little super heroes always ready to battle to save the world, Hasbro offers the Avengers-inspired sock!
Every day will be a magical adventure with the super games that you will find inside this gift sock.
Ready to save the world?

Buy on Amazon for € 27.81

Bottega Verde - Sock for him


After the binges of these days, doesn't she want to give your boyfriend a stocking full of sweets?
Here is the perfect solution for you!
A stocking by Bottega Verde, loaded with must-have products for him, including two strong-scented shower shampoos, a scented water and an aftershave balm.
Success guaranteed!

Buy on Amazon for € 13.59 <

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