Top 10 reasons why we should sleep naked: bye bye pajamas!

Marilyn Monroe went to bed wearing only two drops of Chanel N ° 5, and without knowing it, the diva was actually taking care of her health. In fact, sleeping naked brings many benefits for the well-being of the whole body, promotes weight loss and also makes the skin look better. Before discovering together what are the 10 advantages of sleeping naked, find out how much you should sleep according to your own. Zodiac sign.

1. Sleeping naked makes you sleep better

During sleep, the body temperature drops to around 36 °: it is the ideal condition to ensure a continuous and deep sleep. Sleeping naked would help to maintain this constant temperature, while instead, between blankets and pajamas, the body often has to make an effort to lower the temperature, disturbing sleep. Furthermore, sleeping naked will not create friction between blankets and pajamas, helping us to sleep more soundly. As we all know, and have experienced, better and deeper sleep will help us be healthier too.

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2. It makes us feel freer

Sleeping naked is a difficult feeling to explain if you've never experienced it. What most attracts and makes those who sleep naked feel good is complete freedom: our body is free from the constraints of nightwear, especially in the case of women, the freedom to finally be able to remove the bra will be unparalleled. The body will only be wrapped in fresh sheets. Even just imagining the feeling that could be experienced, we feel freer and more smiling. If the fact of sleeping naked does not convince you, try at least once to go to bed without clothes, not necessarily in the evening, and focus on the sensations you feel. We are sure they are all positive.

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3. Sleeping naked makes you more active and more likely to socialize

There are those who come home in the evening after work and immediately wear their pajamas, or there are those who, working from home, never take off their pajamas during the whole day. Sleeping naked, therefore, could be the right way to get dressed in the morning with normal clothes or with a jumpsuit. Some psychological studies have attributed to sleeping naked, a less sedentary and more active lifestyle, as well as inclined to social relations. In a nutshell, by not wearing pajamas we won't even have the excuse to say "I'm not going out because I'm already in pajamas"!

4. The skin improves and glows

Night is the time when the whole body regenerates and rests. Why not allow the skin to do the same, letting it breathe? You will see the results immediately: a fresher and more elastic skin, ready for a new day. Sleeping naked is also beneficial for the intimate areas, armpits and feet which are the parts of the body generally forced into underwear throughout the day. Sleeping without pajamas therefore allows the skin of these parts to have the opportunity to breathe and transpire, reducing the risk of skin diseases due to fungi.

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5. Sleeping naked balances hormones

Keeping the environment in which you sleep at a temperature below 21 degrees ° C can help the body autonomously regulate the levels of melatonin and growth hormone. These substances are essential to help the body's metabolism prevent aging and enjoy good health. By sleeping in pajamas, our body heats up and limits the effective action of these hormones: in short, sleeping with clothes contributes to premature aging of the organism.

6. Helps maintain ideal weight

Sleeping naked, as we said, helps to maintain the ideal body temperature of 36 °. Your body, while you sleep, at the same time burns calories to keep that temperature constant, to keep it from dropping again. The result? You will maintain an ideal weight, with much less effort than a diet!

7. Fights diabetes

The fact that sleeping naked can counteract diabetes is still being studied today. When the body burns calories in an attempt to keep the temperature at 36 degrees, it would burn mainly sugars in the process, lowering the level and therefore the risk of diabetes. The American Institute National Sleep Foundation he is still trying to establish once and for all whether naked sleeping and low risk of diabetes are really connected.

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8. Sleeping naked is beneficial for the male and female genitals

Sleeping without clothes benefits the entire female genital system: how? It solves the problem of vaginal discharge caused precisely by the friction between the skin and the fabric of the underwear: the area overheats and the bacteria proliferate which lead to the appearance of vaginal discharge or serious infections such as candida. And for men? Resting at a constant temperature also allows the testicles to stay cooler. All of this helps to keep the sperm and reproductive system healthier and longer.

9. Improve your relationship with your partner

Scientists have shown that couples who sleep naked are more peaceful than others. A greater knowledge and confidence also with the body of the other will improve the relationship and the sense of trust. Not to mention that, ultimately, sleeping naked is sexy! If we sleep with our sweetheart, sleeping naked will give a greater chance to stay at skin-to-skin contact, especially when it comes to pampering, and if all this would encourage a more active sex life?

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10. D "summer is a cure-all

The summer heat does not make the nights of sleep peaceful at all and the whole body suffers. Especially if we do not have air conditioning in the house, the bedroom can easily become very hot and almost suffocating. Sleeping naked can help in this regard. we will wake up in a sweat bath because the fresh air switch is too far from the bed ...

And let's face it, sleeping naked is also cheap!

Sleeping naked, in addition to physical benefits, can also lead to psychological benefits. If you get into this habit, you may develop a greater knowledge of your body, and with it greater confidence and self-esteem. It costs nothing to try ...
If you are still not convinced, think about how much you will save since you will no longer have to buy winter and summer pajamas, and machine washes !?

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