When originality is combined with tenderness: look at the sweet photos of this child in a mask!

Halloween is getting closer and closer and the competition to find the scariest costume has started. Overseas, the preparations for the scariest evening of the year have already begun for days, from home decorations to the preparation of parties for young and old.

There are those who, in addition to looking for the perfect costume for the evening of October 31st, started a real countdown on instagram. For example Noah, a 4-month-old baby, who thanks to his mother Jessica has become a real web star.

To celebrate the arrival of the baby's first Halloween, mom Jessica has decided to dress up Noah every day in a different way: from Ninja Turtles, through Harry Potter, Charlie Brown and many others. Look at the photos, you will be frightened by tenderness ...

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Baby skeleton

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Harry Potter

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© jchavkin Troll doll

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