Weekly horoscope from 17 to 23 September 2018: Mercury enters Libra!

Aries: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Aries, unfortunately - starting from Friday - the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign: in the coming weeks you will often find yourself having to discuss with those around you and, especially at work, difficulties may arise. Take advantage of Monday and Thursday, when you can count on a beautiful lucky moon, to settle all the outstanding issues with bosses and colleagues.

Taurus: heart problems ...

Dear Taurus, with Venus in opposition, unfortunately, there is no joking! Doubt and uncertainty make room in your love life ... you may find yourself wondering if he is really the person you want by your side. The first part of the week, in general, will be better than the second: pay particular attention to the days of Friday and Saturday, when the unfavorable moon could bring you a bit of a bad mood.

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Gemini: the serene is back!

Dear Gemini, finally this week the planet Mercury returns to smile at you after having been unfavorable for a long time! Starting from Friday you will feel a clear improvement in your interpersonal relationships: socializing, making agreements, finding new contacts will become much easier. Good news in the workplace are also waiting for you! A little patience on Monday, when you will be quite nervous ...

Cancer: heavy days ...

Dear Cancer, this week will have two rather heavy days, those of Tuesday and Wednesday, in which the moon in opposition will give you the impression that the right one is not going! Fortunately, the situation improves over the weekend and, thanks to a beautiful favorable Venus, you will experience a weekend full of emotions, full of love. Trust in a couple is everything, but check now if your boyfriend belongs to one of those signs that lead to betrayal:

Leo: do not act on impulse ...

Dear Leo, with Venus unfavorable, quarrels and misunderstandings with your partner are the order of the day: it seems that you two cannot understand each other! Fortunately, starting from Friday, Mercury will take care of coming to your rescue and helping you in communication with your him. Unfortunately the weekend will see the moon in opposition to your sign and you will feel decidedly nervous. Avoid acting too impulsively.

Virgo: opportunities to be seized!

Dear Virgo, make the most of the first part of the week, when you still have Mercury in your sign: there may be opportunities that deserve to be seized! Particularly lucky days will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Love will be able to give you great satisfaction, thanks to a beautiful Venus that helps your relationship to strengthen. Only Sunday will be a nervous day, due to the opposing moon.

Libra: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Libra, great news for your sign: on Friday the planet Mercury will be in conjunction, opening up a period of great success and personal satisfaction for you. As early as next week, some nice confirmations will begin to arrive at work. Meanwhile, you should focus on lucky moon days: those of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Some mishap is possible instead between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Scorpio: queen of hearts!

Dear Scorpio, Venus continues to shine in your sign and makes you more irresistible than ever! The sensuality that characterizes all scorpions will be particularly accentuated: if you want to conquer someone, take a step forward and they won't be able to resist you! Tuesday and Wednesday will be lucky days, especially when it comes to work: you will be favored by both the moon and Mercury. A few hitches, however, between Thursday and Friday.

Sagittarius: a super Monday!

Dear Sagittarius, fortunately this week the planet Mercury will stop hindering you and, starting on Friday, it will become favorable to your sign. All the difficulties of the last period, especially those concerning the field of work, will find a solution and you will be able to find some peace of mind. Monday will be a super lucky day, with the moon in conjunction. Not a day, however, that of Sunday.

Capricorn: problems at work ...

Dear Capricorn, with Venus finally favorable you find sentimental serenity and, day after day, you feel your bond getting stronger and more solid. Unfortunately, however, on the work front you may encounter some more difficulties starting from Friday, when Mercury will become unfavorable to your sign. Bet everything on the super lucky days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will give you an edge!

Aquarius: Mercury takes care of it!

Dear Aquarius, in this period your thoughts are mainly occupied by sentimental matters: unfavorable Venus continues to torment you, filling you with doubts about your relationship. Fortunately, starting on Friday, Mercury will give you unexpected adventures and novelties, which will bring some freshness and fun into your life. Furthermore, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be particularly lucky: all thanks to the moon!

Pisces: a Sunday to remember!

Dear Pisces, finally this week Mercury will no longer be in opposition to your sign! Starting on Friday, all the difficulties of the last period - especially in the workplace - will gradually stop tormenting you. Sunday will be a beautiful day, in which the moon in conjunction and favorable Venus will be ready to give you emotions that you will not easily forget.

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