Just freeze! 5 must haves for those with the cold

Goose skin, chills, listlessness: those who are always cold know what we are talking about. Even the immune system is lowered and one is more subject to flu and infections, not to mention that the continuous malaise due to the cold makes us sad and angry.
To stop shaking all day, during the cold season we have selected five gadgets that will also warm your heart and help you experience the winter in a more serene way.
You will see that these objects will warm you so much that you will melt into a beautiful smile!

1. Heating pillow

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A beautiful pillow that you can use at home, in the car, on the go, at outdoor concerts, at barbecues. In short, on any occasion you wish!
Made of high quality flannel, you can wash it in the washing machine after removing the wiring.
Thanks to the built-in temperature control, you don't have to worry about overheating. The device has an auto shut-off mode.

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2. Hand warmers and power bank in one shot!

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Like everyone else, you too will have the power bank always with you.
What if we told you that there is a power bank that also warms your hands?
The heat generated during charging when the mobile phone is connected is released directly onto your hands. Very energy efficient. Plus you put it comfortably in your pocket and it heats up in seconds.

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3. Self-adhesive foot warmer

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It seems strange that such a small part of the body has such a big effect, but those with cold feet often freeze all over the body. At work or when you are out and about, you can't always wear comfortable and very warm Uggs.
To be able to wear sneakers or heels even in low temperatures, simply use the self-adhesive foot warmers. You attach them under the soles of your feet and put on your shoes. It will be like wearing après-skis!

Buy on Amazon for € 9.90

4. Thermoelectric blanket

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Unfortunately, even at home, you can't always keep the heating on at maximum. Both because maybe your family members feel the cold less but also because your bills would be very high!
In these cases, thermal blankets are extremely practical.
Keep it in bed to fall asleep faster or on the sofa while watching a good movie. She will be your new best friend!

Buy on Amazon for € 29.95

5. Heating belt for the back and abdomen

For long walks or when you are at work, you should use a warming belt. It warms your back (including kidneys) or abdomen, depending on how you put it, not to mention that you can use it on your period days to feel a little better, only that unlike the hot water bag, the belt goes under your clothes and no one will notice!
It is operated via a USB port.

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