How to quickly clean the car inside and out

What happens in the summer, when there is little rain and a lot of dust? Our cars are transformed into dusty carpets, with interiors welcoming the remains of ice creams stolen from the summer heat. Yet a clean and sanitized car would be recommended, because for many the car is synonymous with home. If time, desire and money are scarce to decide to go to the car wash, in a few steps you could solve it with a do-it-yourself wash. While you wash the car, however, beware of the seagulls ...

Clean the exterior of the car

Premise: it is better to avoid washing the car in the sun. The car would dry quickly and could be stained with soap.
That said, you need: elbow grease, a bucket of soap, a bucket of water only, a sponge and maybe a pump. Here's what you need for your car's exterior. Once you have used the pump to wet all the outside, making sure you have closed the windows well, you will have to switch to the well-known and sensual soaping. Starting from the top down, with the wipers raised, continue to lather, allocating a special product for glass. Once this is done, we move on to rinsing with the pump with particular attention to the wheels, then to a first drying with the sponge well wrung out in the bucket of water only, and to a final drying with a dry cloth. For the windows you could choose for practicality and result a squeegee, so the drying will be fast and uniform.

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Clean the interior of the car

When your car is shiny on the outside, it's time for the boring part: empty the car, remove the mats (if necessary wash them with the pump and let them dry in the sun), and vacuum the inside. With a product for dust you can take care of the interior, and with the same product used for the windows on the outside, you can also clean them from the inside. Once this is done we can say that the car will be sufficiently sanitized and disinfected, and all that remains is to start dirtying it again!

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... ah, here's a good reason to clean the car, look:

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