Weekly horoscope from 22 to 28 October 2018: a beautiful moon in Aries!

Aries: what a moon!

Dear Aries, get ready for a very lucky start to the week! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in fact, the moon will be in conjunction with your sign: unexpected emotions and news await you, in a period in which - you will admit - you are not experiencing great "shocks" ... Even the weekend will be nice and favorable, especially with regard to feelings. Here are three adjectives to describe your sign:

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Taurus: what a stress!

Dear Taurus, unfortunately, an October that is anything but lucky and rather tiring continues for your sign ... The opposition of Venus continues to put you in difficulty in terms of feelings: even the strongest and most lasting relationships risk being questioned. At work, be careful not to overburden yourself and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Fortunately, a beautiful lucky moon comes to your rescue on Thursday and Friday.

Gemini: passion and feeling!

Dear Gemini, this week you will be able to enjoy the favor of a beautiful moon which, especially at the weekend, will illuminate your days with so much passion and so much feeling. If you're looking for an important story right now, you might meet someone special. On the other hand, those who just want to experience emotions will be satisfied in a big way! Good news and gratifications in the workplace on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Cancer: don't lose patience!

Dear Cancer, your week opens with three decidedly nervous days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in fact, an unfavorable moon will make you particularly tense and on several occasions you will have the desire to send everything and everyone to that country. Do not do it! As early as Thursday, things will improve. Mercury will help you settle outstanding issues at work, while Venus - for its part - will bring the peace back into your relationship.

Leone: treat yourself to a little relaxation ...

Dear Leo, this week too, unfortunately, will be quite stressful for your sign, put to the test by the joint disfavor of both Venus and Mercury. In the workplace there will be tensions and discussions, especially on Thursday and Friday. Even in the couple, the situation seems to be quite nervous: take advantage of the favorable moon days, Saturday and Sunday, to give yourself a little relaxation together with your partner.

Virgo: a new beginning ...

Dear Virgo, this will be a very peaceful week for your sign and full of beautiful surprises, which will come especially on the sentimental front. Venus favors encounters and the birth of new loves. For those who have recently ended a relationship, it will be the right time to experience a new beginning. Attention only to the days of Saturday and Sunday: a moon in an unfavorable position could create some nervousness or small setbacks.

Libra: opposite moon!

Dear Libra, unfortunately this week does not start in the best way for your sign: you will be forced to endure, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a bad moon in opposition that will make you feel nervous and in a bad mood. Don't get down on yourself: the other planets are not unfavorable and any inconvenience will soon find a way to be solved. On the other hand, the weekend is lucky: Saturday and Sunday will be days not to be forgotten!

Scorpio: great!

Dear Scorpio, continue for your sign a super lucky October! Venus gives your relationship a sprint never seen before: some couples may even decide to take a big step… Even at work there is no shortage of opportunities and satisfactions. If you have something to propose, go ahead! Pay attention only to Thursdays and Fridays, when the opposition of the moon risks causing temporary slowdowns.

Sagittarius: a tense weekend ...

Dear Sagittarius, your week starts with a really lucky Monday and Tuesday: the moon will be on your side and will help you settle some outstanding issues. Unfortunately, the days of Saturday and Sunday will give you a hard time: the moon in opposition will create tensions in the couple, bringing to light issues and problems that you were trying with all your strength to ignore. Face them with your partner and you won't regret it!

Capricorn: no anxiety!

Dear Capricorn, again this week you can count on the support of Venus and Mercury, ready to give you stability, affection and satisfaction. Despite this, you will risk feeling a little anxious or agitated, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when an unfavorable moon will lead you to see the glass half empty. Try not to think too much and wait for the following days: you will be the first to realize that it is not worth worrying!

Aquarius: heart problems ...

Dear Aquarius, love this week will give you several thoughts. Pay attention especially to the days of Thursday and Friday, when an unfavorable Venus will be joined by an unlucky moon: the risk of tensions and quarrels with the partner is very high! Better, however, the days of Saturday and Sunday: if you can postpone a discussion to the weekend, you should take advantage of it. Stressful days at work and without much satisfaction ...

Pisces: so many successes!

Dear Pisces, continue a very fortunate period for your sign, in which all the planets are on your side to help you and support your projects. Favorable Venus gives you important emotions and super-romantic love, just the way you like it! Good news are also possible in the workplace, especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Instead, beware of a bit of bad mood due to an unfavorable moon between Saturday and Sunday.

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