How to clean makeup brushes naturally and easily!

Why is it important to disinfect and clean makeup brushes? They are exactly like the towels we use for the face: they come into contact with an important part of our body, often. Furthermore, for many of us the brushes are the result of a careful and thoughtful choice, for example you could have Sailor brushes and obviously you would like them to last forever! This makes clear not only the importance of washing, but also the importance of disinfect them often. How to do it naturally? Meanwhile, look at how to keep them in order:

1) Clean the brushes with soap and water

To wash the brushes you can use a neutral soap and simple running water. Here's how to do it: first of all, be careful never to store the brush vertically, to avoid damaging the attachment of the bristles. Once you have rinsed the bristles under running water, wash them gently in a bowl with cold water and neutral soap ( or neutral shampoo for children). Rinse under running water and dry first with a cloth and then let it dry not vertically.

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2) Clean the brushes with olive or almond oil

The option with olive or almond oil, with the addition of Tea Tree Oil essence which has naturally antibacterial properties, is a second option, useful when the brush is really very dirty. In this case, rub the brushes gently. bristles with oil and then rinse thoroughly in water and neutral soap. Always be careful not to let it dry vertically.

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