The couple Kate Winslet - Leonardo DiCaprio steals the show at the 2016 Oscars

Eyes and spotlight on L.A. for the 88th edition of the Oscars ceremony. When Leonardo DiCaprio set foot on the Red Carpet, the social networks went crazy wondering about the outcome of the evening while he, as a great artist that he is, posed quietly in front of the photographers' lens. He was quickly joined by Kate Winslet, the lifelong friend with whom he shared the Titanic set.

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Kate Winslet became a mother Kate Winslet

The two offered an unforgettable moment for all who dreamed of seeing the story of Jack and Rose. Leo and Kate have always shown the public how much affection they have towards each other, they have a lot of fun together and never miss an opportunity to support each other during big events.
If we add that in the end DiCaprio also took home a statuette ... Theirs was truly an unforgettable evening!

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