Animée, the beer with a feminine taste

The new project, whose study examined the tastes of thousands of women over two years, consists in the production of Animée beer, a trio of lagersophisticated and feminine, designed for all women who prefer to choose other spirits rather than the classic "pint of beer". Three variants: clear-filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon (standard, with rose and lemon), all united by a low calorie content (about 107 calories per bottle) and with only 4% alcohol content.

The producer of Molson Coors assures that "this is not a simple managerial gimmick. To be able to convert English women to drink beer, it is not enough to sweeten, sweeten the taste of the original. lager or create strawberry and chocolate beers, also because it would mean denaturing it completely ".

Today beer is no longer purely masculine: more and more women prefer a cool blonde to a heavy super alcohol.
Molson Coors wants to accompany this small revolution of female tastes, which has already matured a few years ago.
Is Animée beer close to arriving in Italy?

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