Interview with Tania Cagnotto: the beloved former athlete, now super mom, tells herself!

It is impossible not to think of her sweet and contagious smile, when we talk about Tania Cagnotto, former diver and sportswoman, who made history for her successes and a humble and calm style, which has undoubtedly made her one of the most feminine figures in sport. love and follow of all times. Recently mother of little Maya, Tania is always a successful woman to look at with inspiration, for this reason, we decided to ask her a few questions to find out more about her, her life and about her habits, and above all about her new experience as a mother. Here's what she told us ...

1. According to research conducted by DOXA for Special K®, the biggest challenge facing women today is to reconcile family, private life and work and find time for themselves. Do you find yourself there? What are your little big daily challenges?

At the moment my baby is only 2 months old so I haven't started "working" yet, although I have had some commitments and I must say that it is a great undertaking just to leave the house 😂

2. You are an athlete and a beloved woman, what pushed you most in your sporting challenges?

The desire to arrive, to reach my dreams! Besides, I loved what I was doing. In both good and bad times, it was passion that made the difference. When there is that, every little gesture, every little effort, is done with a smile and extra motivation.

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3. What is the fundamental element for you to face the challenges of every day?

Passion and ambition are essential to achieve the goals set even if you cannot underestimate the importance of your body which needs not only mental stimuli and motivation but also proper nutrition. All this starting with breakfast which must be balanced and balanced to give the right energy intake and thus face all the daily challenges with the right foot.

4. What advice would you like to give to young athletes?

To find a commitment that the passionates and not to give up at the first difficulties: the satisfactions do not come immediately! It is hard work that must be cultivated over time. Finding the training that can express your potential is essential. Regardless of the sport chosen, it is important to be consistent and also aware. Monitor what you do in order to challenge yourself a little more, every day. And from this point of view there are many tools that can help us. For example, I always use the FitBit, an effective smartwatch with a simple and intuitive method, which performs a series of very convenient functions, including pedometer, stopwatch, alarm or calendar and which at the moment can be won by participating in the Special K competition. I can keep track of what I do and what I eat every day!

5. How have your daily challenges changed since you were a mother?

Now my challenges and consequently the relative daily satisfactions are ... being able to understand my daughter 😂 getting in tune with her, being able to take a walk, being able to do all the chores around the house and the daily errands. I must admit that since Maya arrived, my life has changed radically but there is one thing that I always keep the same: my breakfast! Essential to be able to start on the right foot. For example, I like to make it with a cup of milk or a yogurt with Special K cereals (the red fruit ones are my favorite! 😉 and some fruit. So I'm ready to face my busy day with a smile!

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6. As a sportswoman, how important is it to follow a correct diet to achieve success and give your best? What foods do you consider essential in your days?

Nutrition is a factor of fundamental importance for everyone, even more so for an athlete, let alone a mother! In this new experience of mine, at times it still seems to me to be in the race, even more so in continuous training. This is why I could never do without breakfast! For me it is really the most important meal, my secret to always feeling good about myself. From the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers I can get the energy I need to start facing each day. But let's not forget the mid-morning and afternoon snacks! For example, with Special K snacks I can maintain this mix and energy throughout the day!

7. How has your diet changed? Are there any differences between the diet you followed when you were a professional athlete and that of your new life as a mother?

It has changed a little, but not too much! Let's say that now my diet is a little "more" free "as it does not have specific training needs. It must be said, however, that after many years of controlled physical activity, I have made my own the secrets to eat a bit of everything and feel always good. What I have always believed and advised is to try to follow a varied and complete diet every day.

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8. I imagine that in this new phase of your life you will not train as before, but we are sure that you will continue to keep yourself moving. What do you do to feel good about yourself

For now I have only taken some beautiful walks here in my heavenly South Tyrol, but soon I would like to start training again, even if clearly in a milder way, not to achieve specific performances but to feel good about myself. Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But not only that, also monitor what is being done and progress. Never before, I realize that you can do a lot of physical movement even without doing a specific and targeted workout (and my FitBit reminds me of this every day! 😊)

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