How to break up with a guy: 8 ways to avoid!

When you understand that your relationship with your partner has no future, it is always difficult to communicate it to the other without hurting his or her feelings. The much hated moment then arises when you have to take courage and tell the person who is next to you and that maybe he still loves us that things have changed for us and that the love story is no longer the same for both of us. It is a difficult time, both for those who leave and for those who are left. Could this be why there are those who would do anything to avoid it and do it in a brutal or absurd way? Although there is no pleasant way to leave someone, there are terrible ways to do it: find out what are the 8 mistakes not to make! And in the meantime, if you are close to a breakup, start to find out what might happen to you next, watch:

1. With a message

Breaking up with someone via text, be it Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS, or e-mail, is perhaps the worst possible way: it is impersonal, cold, expresses incredible cowardice and is comparable to the post-it note with which Berger left Carrie, not giving possibility of replication. As difficult as you may find it, exposing your feelings to him face to face and giving him a chance to fight back will be easier for him to handle.

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2. With a phone call

There will certainly be room for improvement between the message and the phone call, but very minimal. Nobody deserves to be left on the phone: it doesn't matter if your boyfriend is treating you badly lately, if he doesn't do things like a lover anymore, if you end the story over the phone, you will be the worst of the two. If you want to prepare him for a face-to-face meeting, you can call him to tell him that you need to talk since things are not going very well between you ...

3. Stop answering the phone

Deciding to leave your boyfriend and, without telling him, start acting like you're not already a couple, hoping he'll get the message on his own, is really cowardly (dare we say bad!) Behavior if you are acting this way only. because you don't want to hurt him, know that you are not sparing his feelings, on the contrary you are just making him worry unnecessarily. Be brave: face him and explain to him why you are avoiding his calls and messages, alternatively, imagine a swapping of roles. Wouldn't you like some clarity in its place?

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4. Treat him very badly

"Your new haircut is hideous. I won't have sex with you anymore!" ... don't start being mean to your boyfriend, making mean comments and refusing to have sex, hoping he'll leave you: it's not fair force him to break up with you when in reality it is you who want to break up with him!
If you think your story has come to an end, don't act like a teenager. End your relationship as an adult: Explain your point of view about your relationship in the course of a serious conversation.

5. Leave it in public

"Enough, we're done. Will someone pass me my beer, please?". Arguing in front of everyone's eyes is bad, especially if the eyes are those of family and friends. Dirty clothes are not washed in public: do not speak freely in front of others about your sexual habits, the fact that you are sexually incompatible or the mistakes made by them. You wouldn't look good either! If you really have to break up with him and you can't wait any longer, not even for an evening, take him to talk in a private corner: he deserves to digest your breakup in privacy.

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6. Disappear entirely

As much as you want to avoid the screams and arguments, packing up your possessions and disappearing into thin air is not the solution. Returning your partner to a half-empty house is unnecessarily cruel, and Cristina's reaction when Burke disappears without a trace should enlighten you. Also, being in a relationship takes teamwork and the same goes for getting out of it. You and your belongings cannot disappear like a Harry Potter spell. Wait for him to come home to let him know in person that you are leaving him and give him a chance to express his opinion about it.

7. I leave you because I love you too much

When you're the one who ends a relationship, using clichéd (bad) motivations can definitely seem tempting - that way, you can avoid facing the real problem (s) that are keeping the relationship from working. On the other hand, everyone has at least once in their life been left with a cliched excuse. Have you really forgotten how much that guy hurt you who left you saying, "I'm sorry but I'm not ready for a relationship" and two weeks later he was already with an "other?
If you have decided to leave your boyfriend, at least be honest: explain to him why you think your relationship has no future. While the truth will hurt, it will never be as painful as a cliched excuse.

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8. Drunk words

Drinking before you do away with someone is a bad idea: you would not have full control of the words coming out of your mouth and the next morning you would risk not remembering anything that was said. In short, an enhanced hangover! If you really need to drink, do it after you're done with your boyfriend, not during! Once single, you will have every right to celebrate by hanging out with friends and letting yourself go ... but until then, get away from that drink!

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