Slime Mania: find out how to do it at home and how to choose the right one for your children

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Kids love slime. And it is not difficult to imagine why: they are colorful, customizable and easy to make, in fact the slime mania is also raging on the web, where there are several guys who make tutorials on how to make a slime at home, receiving millions of views.
It is just as easy to find real kits suitable for children for the do-it-yourself making of slime, excellent because by buying them yourself, you have the opportunity to know the ingredients used and make sure that they are not harmful to your children. Or you can get advice from us on the best products around, that your children will surely love!

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The DIY Slime Recipe
Here is a super easy recipe to make, using things you will surely have at home!


  • Vinyl glue for children (solvent-free and water-soluble)
  • Liquid detergent
  • Food coloring
  • A glass of hot water
  • A bowl

If you have everything close at hand, you can start having fun with your kids and making your own slime.

Take a glass of glue and mix it with the hot water in the bowl.
Gradually, add the food coloring.
If the color isn't intense enough, add a few drops until you're satisfied.
Finally, add the liquid detergent, also this, gradually.
If the mass sticks to your fingers, add some detergent. Only when the slime leaves no residue on your fingers is it finally ready and you can decorate it as you see fit.

-For a clear slime, you will need clear glue.
-To keep it better, keep it in a special box.
-If you absolutely don't want to use glue, you can replace it with cornstarch.

To play with your children and ensure that they have fun without worries, you will need non-toxic products.
The ideal glue is the vinyl glue, also useful for other chores to carry out with your children and safe (they also use it in kindergartens).

© am Buy on Amazon for € 14 Once made, the slime can be decorated as you like. Have fun mixing beads, glitter, colors. There is truly to be lost in the variety of choice. Unleash your creativity!

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If, on the other hand, you want to give your children an entire slime-making kit (certainly more practical), here are some suggestions for you:


The object of desire of children who adore slime is surely the So Slime factory by Rocco Giocattoli.
In addition to being very beautiful to look at, the box contains: a slime factory, 10 sachets of slime, 3 jars, 4 surprise characters, sequins and glitters, 1 funnel and various stickers.
But the real news is that it's absolutely non-toxic and glue-free.

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A real mini-laboratory for little scientists, with super-fluo colors!
This too is obviously free of harmful substances.

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Herefun Slime DIY Kit is a kit that is very reminiscent of plasticine games.
With this kit, in fact, thanks to the molds, you can recreate objects useful in simulation games, such as ice cream, smoothies, fruit. You can also tighten, fold, roll and pull the slime and shape it as you like, thanks to the accessories in the package.

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