How to cook pasta in 5 simple steps

How to cook the pasta? It may seem like a trivial process, but it is not! Cooking the pasta to perfection, in such a way as to obtain the right consistency and maximum flavor, is not at all simple.

In Mediterranean cuisine - and in Italian in particular - pasta dishes are essential. Excellent in every season for lunch or dinner, they can be prepared with an "infinity of ingredients, but in order to give vent to your imagination it is essential to cook pasta in the best way, possibly al dente as our tradition dictates.

Whether you already know how to cook pasta or not, these 5 simple steps that we suggest can help you optimize the process and obtain a perfect result. Ready to get started? And once the pasta is cooked, you will be able to experiment with many delicious recipes like this one here:

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1. How to cook the pasta? Prepare what you need

How to cook pasta if you have not chosen which type to cook? First, therefore, decide which is the most suitable pasta for the first one you intend to prepare, better if of good quality, Italian and made with wheat semolina. On the package you will also find the expected cooking time: give us a "look, but don't take it too literally! This is, in fact, an indicative information to keep in mind, and then adjust yourself according to several variables such as amount of pasta put to cook, the chosen recipe and personal taste.

Then prepare a tall and wide pot, ideal for cooking pasta. You will also need coarse salt and a long wooden ladle. Better to have everything at your disposal by the stove!

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2. Fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil

Fill the pot with the right amount of water and making sure that it is neither too little (or the spaghetti would end up sticking), nor too much (it would come out of the pot when boiling). Using an adequate amount is also important to allow the water to return to boiling point as quickly as possible when you drop the pasta.

To better adjust yourself, consider the following proportion: 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of pasta. You can add hot water to speed up boiling times. At this point you just have to light the flame of the stove, even very high!

3. Add the salt and drop the pasta

The coarse salt must be added when the water begins to boil. How much salt to pour into the pot? About 10 grams per liter of water, but you can proceed by eye: one or two teaspoons will suffice and you should also adjust yourself based on the type of condiment you will use.

Make sure that the salt dissolves properly before lowering the pasta!

4. Stir regularly until ready

The water is boiling, the salt has dissolved and the time has finally come to lower the pasta! Choosing the quantity is not easy: always keep in mind that, once cooked, the pasta increases in volume. Trust the instructions on the package for As for the proportions: In general, half a pack of pasta is a generous portion for two people.

The moment you throw it into the pot, stir right away with your long wooden ladle so it doesn't stick to the bottom. You will then need to continue mixing at regular intervals. You should lower the heat of the stove slightly than before and do not cover the pot with a lid: the pasta must be cooked without!

So we come to the sore point: how long to let the pasta cook? The right cooking, that perfectly al dente, requires that the pasta maintain a minimum hardness. If you let it cook for too long it will become soft and limp, if too little it will still be raw inside! Always consider that good quality pasta takes a little longer to cook properly. The ideal is to take into account the time on the package and taste from time to time.

5. Drain the pasta and season to taste

When the pasta is cooked to perfection, turn off the heat and empty the pot using a colander. Using it is simple: just place it in the sink and tilt the pot, being careful not to burn yourself. The boiling water will run off and the colander will hold the pasta.

At this point, pour the pasta back into the emptied pan and add the sauce, mixing everything in there. You can add a little oil first to prevent the pasta from sticking. And your first course is ready!

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