Our Top 4 inexpensive bluetooth speakers

Christmas can be a "great excuse for" buying designer brand products that we have long desired, but we have never had the courage to do ... For example, have you ever thought of giving yourself or giving yourself some nice bluetooth speakers that you allow you to organize wonderful outdoor parties or listen to music from other devices wherever and whenever you want?

Take advantage of Amazon offers to immediately buy cheap bluetooth speakers with exceptional discounts and excellent value for money. We have selected some real deals especially for your Christmas shopping:

Bluetooth Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Lite

To begin our review of cheap bluetooth speakers, let's start with the "Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Lite wireless speaker, one of the products with the best value for money, on offer on Amazon with a 62% discount! These speakers have a" very high quality, with deep and powerful bass in all directions. They are built in an indestructible material: just think that the speaker is waterproof and can be immersed in water up to 1 m for 30 minutes!

The speaker of Ultimate Ears Boom can be paired with up to eight Bluetooth devices at the same time, with a maximum range of 33 meters: it is ideal for organizing a nice party, perhaps just for New Year! Christmas.

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Buy on Amazon at 79 € (62% discount)

Sony GTK-XB5 Home Audio System

Among the designer brands that we offer here, there is also Sony, with its compact and very high-power Home Audio System. Its EXTRA BASS function enhances the bass lines, while the lights and the LED lighting and strobe on the profile immediately create a "party atmosphere! The lamp synchronizes with the beats and the power and speed of light on the display create the right atmosphere for a special evening.

The Sony Home Audio System has a compact design and excellent portability (includes an integrated handle), so that it can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The Party Chain mode also allows you to add an extra dimension of power to your audio system and Connect multiple stereos in a chain for superior output. Too good to be true? And you haven't heard the best yet: now on Amazon it's 32% off! That's a bargain.

Buy on Amazon for € 169.90 (32% discount)

Sony CMTX3CD Hi-Fi Stereo System with Wireless Bluetooth

Also from Sony, you could evaluate another of the discounted products with an excellent quality-price ratio: the Hi-Fi Stereo System with Wireless Bluetooth, among the best cheap bluetooth speakers around for listening to your music. Available on Amazon with a 13% discount, it is a two-channel home system with very powerful sound: the two full range speakers, in fact, offer balanced sound at all frequencies.

The bass is enhanced thanks to the Mega Bass function, while the 7-band equalizer allows you to optimize the sound according to the genre you want to listen to. The design is refined, with smooth, elegant and clean lines, as well as being very compact and functional, for an unbeatable placement in your bedroom or living room (there is also a wide range of colors to choose from). You can also tune it with the radio and store your favorite stations (up to 20).

Buy on Amazon at 165 € (13% discount)

Bluetooth Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Special offers for your Christmas shopping? Here are some cheap bluetooth speakers with a 45% discount, to be taken on the fly: they are one of Amazon's deals, with an excellent quality-price ratio! This is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, waterproof, dual-connect Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker delivers surprisingly powerful, crisp and crystal clear sound, with rich, enveloping bass. Offers up to 10 hours of non-stop entertainment and is ideal for the exteriors, especially if you want to organize a party on the beach or in the pool: it is in fact completely waterproof and floating!

The range for its music reproduction is 33 meters and it is possible to connect up to two devices at the same time. The design is really fancy, it could be a "great gift idea ... what are you waiting for to start your Christmas shopping right away with deals from the best designer brands at a discount?

Buy on Amazon at 55 € (45% discount) <

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