Technology: enemy of the couple?

There are numerous studies that have recently analyzed the relationship between technology, couples and intimacy and the results are rather alarming.

From a research conducted by Meredith's Parents Network, it emerges that 12% of women use the phone while exchanging pats with their partner and 21% confess to using it in the bathroom as well.

And the men, for their part, are no less. In fact, another survey, this time from England, reveals that 30% of them find it completely normal to answer the phone during sex, citing the excuse of having received, in the past, important news precisely during moments of intimacy.

It is therefore not surprising that, as a survey conducted by Harris Interactive shows, at the end of the "embrace, 1 in 5 people, instead of engaging in pampering and romance, compulsively get ready to check their smartphone.

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