We reveal the unmissable opportunity to transform yourself into a real chef

The opportunity not to be missed is offered by the pots of Agnelli

If you chew creativity in the kitchen and know how to imagine the ideal combinations but the final result of your works does not coincide with expectations, perhaps the problem is in the tools.

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Exactly so, a relevant part of the success of a dish is precisely in the tools with which you cook it. The knife sharpened in the right way, the ladle suitable for the type of cooking, but above all the pots with which the ingredients are actually cooked. There are pots that have made history, such as those of Agnelli which since 1907 has offered a wide range of quality kitchen tools. But where does this quality reside? In addition to the quality materials, also in the constant research to ensure that the tools adapt in every detail to the needs of chefs in terms of handling, practicality and precision. The result is truly amazing and professional.

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Do your eyes already sparkle at the thought? Well, because the Agnelli pots could really be yours! So, if you are ready to experience a completely different and professional kitchen, here is what you can do. From March 13 to May 7, 2017, go to the Carrefour hypermarkets or the Carrefour Markets participating in the initiative. Do your shopping and if you spend € 20 or more, when you go to the cashier, present your PAYBACK card (or online shopping at carrefour.it/spesaonline indicating the card number) For every € 20 spent you will have a stamp but you can speed up the collection by purchasing € 5 of sponsored products marked with a tag, which will make you take another stamp.

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The first prize is already available by reaching 15 stamps and adding a small contribution. But let's take a quick rundown of all the great products available:

  • Conical aluminum cake pan 15 stamps + € 4.90
  • Rectangular baking tray in aluminum alloy 20 stamps + € 6.90
  • Non-stick aluminum pan 25 stamps + € 7.90
  • High flared pan in aluminum 30 stamps + 8.90
  • High frying pan to whisk 25 stamps + € 14.90
  • Cast iron grill plate 40 stamps + € 16.90
  • High copper casserole 50 stamps + € 29.90
  • Cast iron casserole with lid 60 stamps + 39.90

Ok, did you get the urge to cook? Yes to us! But be careful, you should notify friends and relatives of the initiative, otherwise you will be forced to manage requests from everyone who will demand gourmet recipes and haute cuisine