Editorial charter relating to the articles published on alfemminile

Alfemminile is aware of having to provide users with independent, impartial and quality information.

For this reason the editorial contents are written only by journalists or editors specialized in the fields in which they write. Economic interests do not in any way influence the drafting of the articles, without this being explicitly indicated. Every day the editorial staff of alfemminile tries to offer its audience independent, original, impartial and quality content.

Our role as editors and journalists requires us to preserve the trust our readers place in us and our content, and to respect the ethical and professional values ​​of our profession.

The following recommendations help us in our mission and guide us as rules of conduct in all situations. Violation of these rules can lead to disciplinary sanctions.

Rules of good conduct

Our editors and journalists undertake not to commit dishonest or illegal acts to obtain and modify the information provided to readers. We do not use other people's illustrations or publications without mentioning the author. We do not invent information by presenting it as real facts. We do not retouch the photos, apart from small changes in brightness and color.

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Prevention of conflicts of interest

Our participation in various types of events is completely free and is not linked to the interests of brands.
We do not accept gifts that could compromise our independence of opinion.
Gifts that are too "expensive" will be kindly returned to the sender or offered to charities.
The distinction between the duty to inform and commercial interests is an essential rule for us at alfemminile. Customers or third parties do not intervene in our content. Their requests or comments will be analyzed to see if they allow us to improve the quality of our content, but will not be taken into consideration if they interfere with the editorial policy of women based on the independence and trust of our users.
Advertorials are always indicated as such and the mention will appear on the content page itself.

External activities of journalists and editors

Journalists and editors respect and guarantee the reputation of women.
Their outside activities, paid or unpaid, cannot challenge our journalistic independence, influence our professional activity or favor our competitors.
In all cases, they must not be paid for external activities that derive from the notoriety of women and must not accept compensation from organizations, associations or people on which they can be led to issue evaluations and judgments as part of their professional activity with women.
· Independent activity
Journalists and editors must receive authorization before writing articles, books or other content that does not appear on the female, of any kind.
· Appearance in the media
Opportunities to represent women at public events or in the media must be conducted in accordance with our editorial policy, i.e. in a neutral and objective manner. All TV appearances must be approved by a superior. Alfemminile contributors are encouraged to speak only about the topics they cover, which they are experts in, and the information they have been able to gather for their articles.
· Sale of content
All content produced by collaborators as part of their activity for women is the property of women and cannot be sold or reproduced without the authorization of the Management.
Personal opinions that can damage female credibility cannot be expressed on the web or in the media. Journalists must not participate in communication actions of private companies or associations without the agreement of the management.
· Originality of the contents
Plagiarism is prohibited.
In case of doubt about a possible conflict of interest, journalists and editors must contact their superior / or the Management.

Content quality

Our goal in writing articles is to tell the truth, as precisely and objectively as possible. The following recommendations can help, knowing however that if you have any doubts about a matter that could call into question the credibility of the female, employees are asked to consult their supervisor.

Accuracy and approval of articles before publication
All female articles must have identified authors, be dated and clearly show the sources of information.
Before publication, each article is reread several times in order to verify its information and content.
Articles dealing with health issues are written or reread by a physician.
The editors and journalists who write articles on the most sensitive issues such as health have a presentation sheet, available on the site, which indicates their training and experience. Experts and specialists who work with alfemminile also have this card.

Source quality and accuracy
The reader has the right to know where the information presented in the articles comes from. The use of information and quotes whose source is not identified can alter the trust of readers and the credibility of women. For this reason we undertake not to use unidentified sources or whose information is not controlled.
Sources must appear clearly and explicitly.
If, despite our efforts, certain information does not seem accurate enough, we invite readers to contact us at this email address: [email protected]

Dates of the articles
The date of the articles guarantees readers that they have relevant and updated information. To the extent possible, we regularly update the information contained in our articles.

Quotes from specialists
We do not modify the statements of the people interviewed, except to clarify or correct grammatical errors.

Freelance collaborators
All people who create content for women must respect, in writing articles, the same rules and recommendations as our collaborators.

Protocol in case of a problem
These rules have been established to reaffirm the responsibility of women to their readers and the responsibilities of our journalists and editors to their profession.
We are fully aware that our behavior implies individual responsibility, but also involves that of the female.
If, despite our efforts, some of our behaviors seem questionable to you, we invite you to report it by writing to this email address: [email protected]

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