Giant pimples: causes and treatment of this XXL size blemish!

When can a pimple be considered giant? Obviously there is no precise size but all those pimples that are a little oversized and therefore very swollen, evident and large are to be considered giants. They are very showy pimples that create discomfort and pain at the same time. They appear just when you least expect them: are pimples, blemishes hated by men and women. If you think you've tried them all, discover a foolproof natural remedy in the video below.

How to recognize a giant pimple?

The size varies from individual to individual but the annoyance and the desire to get rid of it is common to everyone. Giant pimples are conspicuous lesions of the skin, under this name we mean both lesions caused by acne, both inflamed comedones and boils, therefore both white and red, both under the skin and more on the surface. It is important not to confuse a giant pimple with a sebaceous cyst, in fact, sebaceous cysts are benign subcutaneous growths that form when a sebaceous gland is closed.
As you will have understood, the giant pimple, depending on whether it is a boil or a blackhead, has different shapes and characteristics, but it is always annoying. Giant pimples usually have a round and raised shape, painful and inflamed. The area of ​​the giant pimple and the surrounding area is inflamed. The texture to the touch is also varied, it can be soft or even harder. Usually as the pimple increases in size it becomes softer as the inflammation evolves and grows. It may also be that the pimple has a white bubble of sebum. sebaceous glands: this is a blemish hated by men and women of all ages, young but also not so young .. Another area of ​​the body where giant pimples can appear is the back.

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What are the causes of giant pimples?

The causes that can lead to the appearance of a giant pimple are really many and are usually different from the causes that lead to the appearance of normal pimples, because the difference is in the "inflammation that can sometimes lead to infection of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles or even peri-follicular tissues. The main causes that lead to the release of giant pimples can be genetic predisposition, hormonal factors during certain moments of life such as "adolescence or pregnancy, a lack of personal hygiene of the face and body, a" unregulated exposure to UV rays from the sun or tanning lamps, without sun protection or a strong period of stress, a problem that many neglect but which can very negatively affect a person's general well-being. A less frequent but still possible cause of the appearance of giant pimples are ingrown hairs, these more than real pimples cause pustules red and inflamed that is easy to confuse with a large pimple.
Last but not least, an "unhealthy diet, with lots of sugars and fatty foods that greatly increases the production of sebum by the skin. As there are foods that are bad for our skin, so there are some foods to include in our diet to have more beautiful and healthier skin!

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Giant pimples symptoms and complications on your skin

Giant pimples can create severe discomfort in the person affected. Next to an aesthetic discomfort there are also a series of physical annoyances that should not be underestimated. This is because giant pimples are often accompanied by unbearable itching and even pain. It sometimes happens that the severe itching of the first days then turns into a very annoying soreness. Other symptoms of giant pimples are redness of a large area of ​​skin and swelling, which increases over time. Another factor to consider when fighting one or more giant pimples is where they appear. Because if it comes to. an area such as the back or buttocks will make life very difficult, because we will have pain lying down and sitting or in contact with clothes. Another very annoying area is the groin area, which makes contact with the skin really unbearable. "elastic of the briefs. Giant pimples are fairly simple lesions to deal with, however they can also cause small complications, for example inflammation can evolve into infection, as well as it is impossible not to underline that a scar could remain especially if you improvise with invalid remedies. how to squeeze or press the pimple in a strong and evident way to cause the sebum to escape. However, if a scar remains on the face it can always be eliminated with a professional beauty treatment, to be chosen according to the severity and extent of the scar. They range from dermabrasion to chemical peels, radiofrequency ... the solutions to eliminate scars and unsightly marks from the face are increasingly reliable and numerous! Another unpleasant complication of pimples of enormous size is the fact that they can become cysts, even cysts can heal spontaneously and without medical intervention but can leave more or less evident signs. In any case, always consult a trusted doctor. or your dermatologist to keep the situation under control and get the right advice to intervene promptly and effectively Do not underestimate giant pimples!

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Targeted treatments for giant pimples: natural tips, drugs and effective remedies!

We cannot rule out that giant pimples go away on their own. In fact, they can simply disappear after several weeks. In some cases, however, it is essential to use specific products or drugs for this problem. As we have seen, the first thing to do is to avoid touching the pimple: you only risk inflaming the lesion and you will not accelerate healing at all. Pressing or squeezing the pimple increases the risk of infection and the possibility of the inflammation affecting other areas as well as making it much more likely that a scar will appear after healing. If you have a giant pimple, use only good quality cosmetic products and ask for advice. to the dermatologist to avoid inflaming the already compromised skin. Do not choose too much degreasing or aggressive products, you risk worsening the problem. Exfoliating cosmetics, both physical and scrubs, and chemical products such as peeling products, can be valid allies. he could, however, prescribe drugs to eradicate the lesion, these are mostly over-the-counter drugs. The drugs against pimples are usually antibacterial and comedolytic, very often they contain salicylic acid. The doctor, if the inflammation is very extensive, can recommend also cortisone or antibiotic ointments.

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Let's learn how to prevent giant pimples: useful tips to keep them away!

As we've seen, giant pimples are a big nuisance. Luckily you can prevent them with simple good habits to keep these skin lesions off your skin. Clean your skin carefully, use good quality cleansing products and don't leave make-up on your face. Even if an area is affected by giant pimples, do not neglect hygiene with products suitable for the skin situation. Get advice from your dermatologist about targeted products that are really suitable for your skin. Resist the urge to squeeze, squeeze, break, and annoy the pimple. Take care of your nutrition, when you have a pimple but also on other days. Do not abuse fatty or sugary foods. Love your skin and do not expose yourself to the sun or sun lamps without protection. If you have a giant pimple, you are absolutely not exposed to the sun. Relax and if you feel very stressed try to get advice on a remedy to combat anxiety and stress. Avoid listening to advice on miracle products and do-it-yourself grandma's remedies, such as applying toothpaste, on these inflamed pimples it is best to seek expert advice. These good habits may not ensure that giant pimples will not pop up on your skin but they are the best move to prevent these hated extra large blemishes from occurring on your skin.

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