These are the items every mom should have a stock of

There are things that experienced mothers already know how to do with their eyes closed: change diapers, prepare the perfect bottle and, among the most important things, they know how to prepare a beautiful baby bag with their eyes closed, equipped with all the absolutely necessary products when you go. around with the children.

It is very difficult to predict what you might need in a super-emergency child situation ... But don't panic! We talked to some super experienced mothers and we have created a list with the 10 items that will never be missing in a mothers bag and we will also tell you where to buy the products at very affordable prices.

What are the main contingencies to consider?

When you are a new mom, it is very difficult to know exactly what can happen while you are away from home, but certainly not impossible. Once you understand exactly your child's habits, you will be able to manage the unexpected in a more carefree way.It is important to consider mainly that a child in the first years of life is getting to know the world and changes his tastes every day, so it is necessary to be attentive even at the moment and to consider all the unexpected even the less common ones in your routine.

Experienced moms have made a list of the main items to consider while packing your mom bag:

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A clean baby is a guarantee of peace of mind. If your child has a stuffy nose or feels annoyed after a busy day, it is very likely that they will feel uncomfortable and stressed, even at the risk of getting sick. So equipping the baby bag with a packet of handkerchiefs is a must, because they will always be your best allies!

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Set of 64 packets of balm tissues + menthol Kleenex

We recommend Kleenex balsamic tissues because they are very gentle on the skin, so you don't run the risk of chapping your baby's nose when you need to blow your nose constantly. The pack with added menthol also helps to relieve a blocked nose and the discomfort of the mucus disappears. Take advantage of this offer on Amazon and buy the spare pack of 64 packs for less than 10 euros!

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Set of 15 Mama Bear towel packs

Wipes are perhaps our greatest allies in keeping a baby clean: they are practical, useful for cleaning both during diaper changes and for a gastronomic emergency, as well as always having a pleasant scent. Is there anything more beautiful than a perfumed baby? Mama Bear wipes packs contain 56 wipes that have an aloe vera and chamomile lotion, designed to cleanse the skin of babies. All Mama Bear wipes are dermatologically tested and have a balanced pH. This pack of 15 packs of wipes is a great deal: it costs less than 25 euros (approx. € 0.03 per wipe) and is available in 3 types of scents: odorless, talc and fresh.

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NRS Healthcare Antibacterial Hand Wipes Packet Set

The NRS Healthcare alcohol-free antibacterial wipes pack is ideal for cleaning your baby's hands before eating or if your puppy has decided to unexpectedly play with something of dubious origin! Their effectiveness is proven: they kill 99.999% of bacteria and can be conveniently carried in the bag thanks to their convenient packaging in a bag. You can find the box of 100 sachets on Amazon for only 12 euros!

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It is very important to always carry some products with you that will ensure your puppy's comfort throughout the day. A pair of socks for cold feet or bothered by hard shoes, patches for small emergencies such as a fall and microfiber wipes for some discomfort (children are attracted to games with water, especially when it comes to splashing it on) are some essential components to ensure greater peace of mind during the day.

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Set of 5 models of cotton socks

For cold feet emergencies, it is very important to always keep a pair of soft, warm socks in your mum's bag. This set of 5 pairs of socks is ideal because, in addition to being very cheap, it offers 5 different models that are extremely cute. The socks are made of 85% cotton, 15% polyester, they are soft and very comfortable, perfect for keeping your baby's little feet warm and comfortable.

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Pack of 75 animal patches

This box of patches with animal designs ensure that your child will not feel discomfort in case of minor cuts or burns. Its cute designs appeal to all little ones and the padding prevents further irritation on the skin. Pack of 75 patches in 3 different designs: large for knees, medium for fingers and small for insect bites.

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Set of 2 microfibre wipes

Microfiber wipes are real life savers ... absolutely necessary to keep in any mother's bag. Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, these models guarantee high absorption and are ideal for small accidents involving water, juice or rain. We recommend the pack of 2 wipes to make your day more practical: an extra wipe is always very useful in case of more than one problem with liquids.

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Hungry, never!

You can never thank the makers of the snacks enough! This may seem like cliché advice, but it is extremely useful, because choosing the right snack is not an easy task. It is always important to look for a product that offers the right combination of flavor, healthy ingredients, satiety, practicality as well as being easily digestible, because no mother wants to make her baby skip lunch or dinner, therefore, a snack and water are absolute must-haves in any mother's bag.

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Plasmon biscuit 720g pack

Loved by all children, Plasmon biscuits are the perfect snack in case of unexpected hunger in half a day: they are healthy, made with healthy and easily digestible ingredients as well as being enriched with vitamin B6 and iron. We always recommend buying these types of products on Amazon for the always affordable price: this box, for example, offers 720g of cookies at a truly unbeatable price.

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KollyKolla steel bottle 600ml

The KollyKolla steel bottle is ideal for carrying during the day: it is practical, more resistant and more sterile than plastic. It does not deform easily and guarantees that the water will not have strange tastes. Total impermeability is guaranteed: Each Flask bottle is subjected to strict quality controls before leaving the factory to ensure that there is no water leakage, therefore zero. do them.

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Keep them busy!

Any mom immediately understands in the first days when a child is bored. The first years are extremely intense ... it is in this moment that the little ones are discovering everything: shapes, colors, people, smells, flavors ... games and creativity are their methods to absorb and reproduce all the stimuli and their discoveries, therefore in addition to being great allies of mothers on a busy day, toys are also a way to stimulate children to help them expand all their discoveries.

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Set of 52 plastic animals

The set of plastic animals that we suggest is perfect for games by the sea or the lake. There are 46 marine animals (no duplicates !!!) + 6 bushes that will make your puppy's free time much more fun "A glass of water and a lot of imagination will be enough! The animals are made of 100% safe plastic, they can also be used as cupcake and pastry decorations (maybe a nice idea to enrich Christmas gifts?)

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Set of 8 maxi Crayola wax crayons

Another idea among the accessories that will entertain your child without being bulky or heavy are the wax crayons: they can be used on any occasion and you will never have to worry about dirt! They are 100% washable crayons: you just need a little " of water and a wipe to clean the color 100%!


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