Original favors for your wedding: here are our tips

What really can't miss at a wedding are the favors: a small gift to thank your guests for coming and having spent such an important day with the couple.

But when it comes to marriage, unfortunately, the costs seem to rise just by saying the word "wedding". And if you are looking to save some money, we have some tips for you to buy or make original wedding favors without spending a fortune!

When we think of wedding favors, we always think of opulent objects that our mothers kept in the living room. Ornaments, in most cases.
Fortunately, in the smartest era of all, even a symbol of tradition such as a wedding favor becomes functional.

An excellent compromise is the solidarity favor. Small artifacts whose proceeds are donated to charity.
If, on the other hand, the number of guests is quite manageable and you have little budget but a lot of manual skills, you can do them yourself!

Your guests will certainly appreciate the care and time you have made available.

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With food, you are always on the safe side!

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If you are a "cooking enthusiast, then you don't even have to bring the problem!"
You can prepare biscuits, or jams, essential oils. In short, you are really spoiled for choice.
Here's a super-yummy tip: use a glass jar or bottle to fill them with a blend of cocoa and spices to use as a hot chocolate mix. Everyone will appreciate it!

Another nice way to use mouthpieces and bottles is to insert scrolls and cards with quotes.
On Amazon you can find them in super affordable multipacks, when it comes to large numbers.

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Even a Candy Bar, based on candies, sugared almonds and marshmallows in the shape of a heart, would be an original idea. Arrange everything on the table and put bags at the disposal of guests who can take away all the sweets they want!

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Small cute gifts to give your wedding sparkle

If the number of guests is quite high and you don't have patience in the kitchen, here's what you could give to your guests.

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If you get married in the height of summer, there is only one thing that can cheer up your hot guests before the refreshments: a nice fan! Women and men, everyone is hot. You will just have to take the trouble to write your names and the wedding date Your gift will always be a nice (useful) reminder of a sultry day.

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And finally a "simple idea that will conquer young and old alike. Soap bubbles!
All the magic of bubbles to make your special day even more romantic and dreamlike.
Have fun taking pictures with your loved ones and making everything lighter!

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