5 tricks to show off nourished and shiny hair every day!

Tell the truth: how much does the condition of our hair impact on the perception we have of ourselves? The answer is quite a lot. When we show off nourished and shiny hair, we inevitably feel more beautiful and confident about ourselves. Like the right make-up or an outfit that gives us and enhances the best, even the hair is a fundamental aspect able to enhance our beauty and make us feel good about ourselves. Often, however, it is thought that it is an "impossible task to always exhibit soft and shiny hair and we indulge in haircuts and camouflage hairstyles to mask the far from flawless look of our hair." The reality is quite different: with some small tricks, a little attention and healthy haircare habits, you can give your hair a bright and shiny look every day, not only immediately after washing! Below we suggest 5 flawless moves to start taking care of your hair and show off healthy-looking, nourished and shiny hair like never before.

1. Wash them carefully and avoid using water that is too hot

The moment of washing is essential: therefore dedicate care and attention to it and you will reap a great benefit and visible results right away.

  • Make sure to distribute the shampoo evenly over the entire hair and spread it gently but with a decisive gesture: it is better to use your fingertips to avoid excessively stressing the skin and at the same time carry out a delicate and effective massage.
  • Choose the right amount of shampoo: do not overdo the doses, both for the first and for the second shampoo, and be sure to rinse the hair completely. At this stage, use hot water, which is essential to clean your hair well and eliminate any residual shampoo.
  • Then make sure you also use jets of cold water - or at a lower temperature - so as to guarantee your hair a greater shine. It is known that hot water tends to make the hair duller and dull, so try to relegate it only to the moments of rinsing when it is necessary to obtain a more effective and complete cleaning.
  • At the end of the wash, avoid squeezing them excessively, divide them into strands and try to remove the excess water with your hands, in a gentle and delicate way. Then move on to the towel phase: choose a soft one, preferably cotton, and gently pat the whole Then comb the hair - avoid using the brush, which is decidedly more invasive, instead prefer a wide-toothed comb - and then proceed with drying.

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2. Choose the right product!

Choose the product that helps you to make the most of your hair, protecting it and giving it the right nutrition and brightness. An effective product to be applied consistently is in fact a great way to take care of your hair and get excellent results in a short time.

Elixir Ultime L "Original Huile by Kérastase is just right for you. Revisited and proposed in a new formula, which focuses on a new element, the sacred marula oil, this product nourishes and protects the hair fiber, enhancing its softness and brightness. with a radiance that lasts over time. It is also enriched with anti-frizz agents, essential especially at certain times of the year, capable of guaranteeing an instant smoothing effect and lasting anti-frizz control, leaving the hair soft, docile and always flawless.

Marula oil, very rich in nutrients, is in fact combined with camellia oil to make the hair shine even more intense, enhancing the product's performance without altering its lightness and delicate and intoxicating fragrance. Rich in fatty acids. and omega-9, marula oil, is included in the formula to offer fiber protection, intense nutrition without weighing down the hair, guaranteeing its radiance and softness.

Its intense and effective action is thus added to that of camellia oil, known instead for giving elasticity and intense and lasting shine. Camellia oil, rich in nutrients that have shown their natural affinity with the fiber of the hair, intensifies and prolongs elasticity and shine.

The intoxicating and evocative scent then makes this product useful and effective also a pleasant way to pamper yourself a little and dedicate to yourself a daily beauty gesture of intense pleasure. In fact, you can also use it every day and apply a few drops in the morning to protect the hair from external aggressions for a healthier and brighter look that accompanies you throughout the day.

You can also use it before drying, applying it to towel-dried hair to add softness, favor styling and protect the hair, or after drying for a final touch that best enhances the radiance of your hair.

Not only that, for this 2018 Elixir Ultime L "Original Huile by Kérastase is giving itself a refined design in a limited edition: Golden Tattoo Edition. Max LeSquatt, famous Parisian artist touch artist, has in fact created the new look of the bottle, bringing it closer to a real own object of art, which celebrates, in addition to its qualities, also its refined and suggestive aesthetics. The artist called to give new luster to Kérastase's top product has chosen to represent the black "rose des vents", to present the precious camellia that never loses its petals, a flower with an eternal fragrance that fully interprets the spirit of the product. Approached to the angular compass, the image symbolizes the journey, the mystery and the constant pursuit of one's dreams. In addition, the black of the representation, together with the golden tones and the shining allure of the bottle, creates a suggestive and highly sophisticated contrast that makes the product a seductive and precious objet d'art.

It is a "limited edition that cannot be found on the market but you can get it for free by participating in the Instant win competition which will start on December 4th and will last until December 23rd. At this link, starting from December 4th, 10 Elixir Golden will be up for grabs every day. Tattoo. * What are you waiting for? Get ready to welcome Elixir Ultime L "Original Huile in its most precious guise!

3. Try not to wash your hair too often

Washing your hair too often can lead to the opposite effect. The scalp produces natural oils that nourish and protect the hair, but continuous and not spaced washes help to eliminate them, helping to damage the hair and make it duller and duller. So try to limit yourself to two, maximum three, washes per week: at first it will probably seem too little, but you just have to get used to it, and in a short time you will notice that your hair will get dirty less easily.

4. Avoid too aggressive heat sources

Avoid using aggressive heat sources too often, such as high-temperature hairdryers, straighteners or hair irons.

The ideal would be to choose natural drying, but we know that at certain times of the year it is almost impossible. Therefore, where it is not possible to use the sun, try to use the hair dryer at a temperature that is not too hot and make sure not to keep it too close to the hair Excessive heat risks to wear out and excessively stress the hair, making it more dull and dull.

5. Cut the tips often

Another strategic move to avoid showing off dull and dull hair is to resort more often to cuts and trims. In fact, it is enough to limit yourself to the tips - it is not necessary to revolutionize your look - so as to eliminate any brittle and damaged hair that impact not a little on the brightness of the hair.Cutting your hair often helps to make it stronger and healthier, also helping to ensure a shiny appearance for longer.

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