The most original favors under 20 euros!

Organizing a low-cost wedding is always very challenging!
You must keep in mind all the thresholds not to be exceeded, while still guaranteeing your guests a fun party with quality food and wine.
The same goes for wedding favors which, in order to be memorable, need a little imagination and research!

But don't despair, we have some original and nice ideas that will allow you to leave a good memory for your guests, spending less than 20 euros for all of them.
Impossible? Take a look at our guide and you'll change your mind!


A delightful gift

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What is it that everyone likes and is cheap? That's right! And "the food!
Small biscuits, jams, honey, cocoa to which you can add chilli or cinnamon, candies, pop corn.
Choose your favorite and make small gift boxes with the special kits that you find on the online market.
> Buy 45 jars with labels and fabric circles on Amazon for € 14.58
> Buy 1 kg of Perugina cocoa on Amazon for € 8.95

Scented laundry bags


A few jute bags, a few dried roses or lavender flowers and that's it!
Pack your original perfume bags and give them to your guests.
Nothing stimulates a memory more than a perfume!
> Buy a set of 100 burlap bags on Amazon for € 20.95

A souvenir photo with photo frame


If you have set up a photo booth, you could buy photo frames with clothespins on which to keep all the images of the party, so that your guests choose their favorites and take them with them, holding the photo frame with a painted ribbon or a card with above the names of the spouses and the date of the event.
Everyone will like it!
> Buy a set of 10 for € 7.99

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