Benedetta Parodi: a tattoo in honor of her passion for cooking. Find out what it is!

Even the most refined and bon ton queen of the kitchen has succumbed to the charm of tattoos. Yes, because Benedetta Parodi in recent days showed up on a television show showing off a decidedly particular tattoo, however in line with her greatest passions. During the recent hosted a That out of time that in fact, Cristina Parodi's younger sister surprised everyone with a rather conspicuous tattoo on her arm: a magic wand in the shape of a fork.

"It's a new entry, it's a bit of a magic wand, a bit of a fork", declared Benedetta, alluding to the mix of her greatest passions: cooking and fantasy sagas. The tattoo dates back to a few months ago, but has only recently come to everyone's attention. Of course, a decidedly unexpected move for a bon ton lady like Parodi, don't you think? What do you say, do you like the subject chosen by the queen of the cookers? Or, do you find it a bit excessive?

Here are the images of Benedetta Parodi's tattoo!

© Photo taken from the Instagram profile of the Fashion Tattoo account Benedetta Parodi's tattoo

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