"Be More Human": the human side of fitness

We live in an era in which a company, to be defined as such, must be epic. Epic in the sense of appearing invincible, not only in one's own eyes, but in everyone's eyes. With social media, then, appearance, overdoing it, proving to be heroes, superhuman, almost robots, is on the agenda. The goal shifts: no longer what we want, can or want to do but what we believe will amaze others - whether they are friends, relatives, colleagues or in any case our social audience.

This, however, is the easiest way to lose the sense of our efforts, which is not dedicated to others, the effort is ours alone. Concentration is no longer on ourselves ...

"BeMoreHuman" is an apparently simple concept yet decisive to regain awareness of ourselves. Of course, focusing on us with all the videos, selfies and posts that bombard us with visions of "exceptional feats" is anything but simple. But as an old song saidexceptional feat is sometimes being normal.

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But what does it mean to be normal and, above all, what does it mean to be more human?

Be normal. BeMoreHuman.How do you go back to being normal? The answer for us is fitness. Not a way to look physically better: but to be better. One state of mind which affects the physical, mental and social sphere. A simple concept: I am fit, I feel good about myself and I am comfortable among others. Social and mental physical: among essential aspects to be better.

This fitness 2.0 is not a story of super heroes, but of ordinary people who reconnect with nature, sport, physique - any means to be better mothers, colleagues, leaders. Simply. Without aiming to have the greatest number of "Likes" but to like and like each other. To be or go back to being a better version of ourselves.

And you, are you ready to be "more human"?