Scorpio ascendant: personality and main characteristics

Although there are still many skeptics about it, it is now known how our zodiac sign has a certain influence on us, on certain aspects of our character and personality. However, the result of one's strengths and weaknesses is also given by the "ascendant. With this term, s" indicates the zodiac sign that was rising, at the exact moment of birth. The combination of main and ascendant zodiac sign defines, according to astrology, the attitude, preferences and particularities of a person.

In this article we will pause to outline the characteristics of Scorpio as an ascendant, seeing how it somehow influences the love life, work preferences and behaviors of the people it distinguishes. In addition, we will do a brief overview to see specifically the relationship between this ascendant and the other zodiac signs.
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Scorpio as a zodiac sign

Of all the signs of the zodiac, that of Scorpio is certainly the most mysterious and enigmatic. Scorpio people are ambitious and want to succeed in all their projects successfully. For this reason, unlike the other signs of Water, namely Cancer and Pisces, they are less lazy and prone to daydreams. They are known for their strong charge of passion, which makes them sensual and irresistible lovers, but also jealous and possessive partners. .

Getting to know a Scorpio fully is not easy, because it disguises one's interiority under a biting humor or even a cold and reserved facade. Only when he decides to trust his neighbor, will he be able to discover his deepest self, characterized by a "warm", passionate, lively and curious soul, always ready for new challenges for himself and his intellect.

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All the characteristics of Scorpio as an ascendant

As an ascendant, Scorpio retains some of the characteristics of its sign that can be revealed in different ways and times, depending on the situation. In general, in everyday life, those with Scorpio ascendant constantly show their innate curiosity, which pushes these people beyond any limits and to accept any adventure for their thirst for knowledge. In addition, they shape particularly stubborn and determined personalities. , managing to instill confidence even in those signs of the zodiac notoriously "more fickle", such as Pisces or Gemini.

The Scorpio ascendant in love

In the love world, Scorpio as an ascendant maintains its high dose of passion and sensuality. For this reason, those who are influenced by it are prone to love stories based initially on physical attraction and pure erotic charge, before they even look to the more emotional sphere of both partners involved. In fact, when the person with Scorpio ascendant moves the relationship from a purely physical to an emotional level, he will make it clear that he intends to deepen the relationship with the other. Once he opens up emotionally to his partner, then he will discover an attentive and faithful person, who remains attached to his deep passion. It will have only one flaw: jealousy and possessiveness.

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The Scorpio ascendant in health

In astrology it has been noted that the zodiac signs can somehow determine a person's health disorders or, in any case, "weak points". When Scorpio comes into play, both as a main sign and as an ascendant, it can predispose pathologies essentially linked to the organs of reproduction. Women are prone to have problems related to menstrual flow, while men are prone to the prostate.

The Scorpio ascendant in relation to the other signs

To get a more precise picture, we have compiled a brief summary of how the Scorpio ascendant manifests itself in relation to the other zodiac signs:

  • Aries: An Aries person with a Scorpio ascendant sees their stubbornness strengthened and heightened. Furthermore, the passionate charge cannot go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.
  • Taurus: Taurus' dedication to work is enhanced even more by Scorpio as an ascendant. However, these two zodiac signs struggle to balance, causing mood swings.
  • Gemini: when the most volatile sign of the Zodiac has Scorpio as its ascendant, the result is without any other detail. Not made for stable and ordinary stories, these people know how to surprise for their savoir-faire, although they are often difficult both in the workplace and in the private sphere.
  • Cancer: Cancer's natural empathy is enhanced even more in the presence of Scorpio as an ascendant. In addition, this zodiacal combination allows for considerable stubbornness at work and, in general, in life.
  • Leo: Leo's strength and courage are combined with Scorpio's ambition and determination as an ascendant. The problem? Few can stand up to you!
  • Virgo: the Scorpio ascendant gives you that stubbornness you need to be able to extricate yourself from the most complicated situations that makes you excellent workers. On the level of love, reluctance to constant commitment prevails.

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  • Libra: This zodiac combination turns all in favor of mystery and ambiguity. You have an extremely sweet side which, however, coexists with another particularly aggressive. Sparks are made in the amorous sphere.
  • Scorpio: all the characteristics of Scorpio as a sign are increased by its role also in ascendant. Extreme curiosity and sky-high passion are the order of the day, with, however, serious difficulties in engaging in love.
  • Sagittarius: Few people shine at work like those who are Sagittarius with Scorpio ascendant. Your tenacity is truly admirable. In love, however, you have a tendency to override your partner too much.
  • Capricorn: strong determination and inflexibility are the order of the day and are able to lead you to admirable successes in the workplace. However, towards others you are closed and cold: a way to hide your hypersensitivity.
  • Aquarius: when the most independent sign of the Zodiac meets the most mysterious one, the erotic and passionate charge can only be skyrocketing. You hate standing still and are always ready for new challenges.
  • Pisces: The Scorpio ascendant gives Pisces some of that determination it needs. In love there is a unique sensitivity and dedication, enriched with passion and sensuality.

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