The best of spring / summer 2019 fashion on offer on Amazon

In February, every now and then, a splendid and sunny day peeps out after so much frost!
Nothing better to make us feel good, the desire to go out and go shopping!
Except that it's still cold outside and if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, here is a list of promotional items on Amazon, which will make you dream of summer while you are wrapped in the blankets!

Jeans, light fabrics, canvas shoes, sun and walks: spring is waiting for you!
In this list you will find the best of fashion brands such as Levi "s, Michael Kors, Converse that offer must-have pieces of the spring / summer season at definitely unbeatable prices.
Take a "look and play in advance" to be perfect again next season!

Look at the S / S 2019 trends

1. Converse All Stars

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A great classic: for all styles and all occasions. They accompany us to school, in our free time, to work. Ageless, timeless, with an enormous variety of colors.
This model in white with few details in blue and red, are perfect with a summer look, with a day dress but also with a total black outfit, without taking away that rock tone. In canvas and rubber, they will be your most faithful allies even on the hottest days!

Buy on Amazon for € 50.40 (28% discount)

2. Michael Kors bag


Among the most desired bags by all, this Michael Kors shoulder bag is in the top 5 of the most sought after bags by women all over the world.
Elegant but casual, we offer you a shoulder model that is perfect for spring.
Completely in leather, wear it with a total white summer outfit. Practice throughout the day to have all your stuff close at hand.
On Amazon you can find it discounted by 29%, a truly unmissable price for a bag of excellent quality!

Buy on Amazon for 280 € (29% discount)

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3. Ray-Ban sunglasses


The first rays of sunshine of the year immediately make you want to buy a new pair of sunglasses.
And why give up on quality if Ray-Ban, the global giant in the world of eyewear, offers such advantageous discounts on Amazon?
Choosing a quality pair of sunglasses is a safe investment. Even if you don't have vision problems, make sure your sunglasses are certified.
This round model from Ray-Ban is a great choice, it will look good with both the most elegant and the most casual looks and don't forget that sunglasses are a must-have accessory for a diva!

Buy on Amazon for € 82.75 (43% discount)

4. Levi's denim jacket


In a few weeks, it will be time to put the coats and down jackets aside, in favor of lighter jackets.
If you already have a leather jacket and a trench coat and think you have it all, it's because you haven't found the right denim jacket yet.
This Levi's is a guarantee, given that we are talking about the jeans brand par excellence.
100% cotton, a true lifesaver from spring to fall. A denim jacket that will be your only denim jacket for years to come, just like Levi's trousers.

Buy on Amazon for € 72.37 (34% discount)

5. Glamorous floral dress


Spring = flowers and colors everywhere!
If you too are a victim of flower power, this Glamorous dress will steal your heart!
Made of 100% polyester, this wrap style is a big trend this year and is short on the front to finally show off your legs and your new sandals!
Suitable for all body types!

Buy on Amazon for € 31.19 (49% discount) <

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