7 things to avoid when visiting a newborn baby

If you have never been a parent, you have never had a birth, it can happen that you escape the rules of "good manners" regarding post-partum visits. In short, it is not always easy to manage a visit to a newborn baby well! Also because not only do you go to visit the baby but also, and above all, his mother, who is in full absorption of post-partum hormones ... because childbirth is always a magical moment, or in any case tiring:

1. Visit him a few hours after birth

It is inconvenient, as it is necessary to leave time and space for the family to rearrange themselves following the very happy event. Furthermore, it is always better to call and notify before the visit ... only in this way you can make sure that you are not inopportune.

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2. Smoke or put on perfume

Obviously, smoking in the presence of the mother or the baby is really inconvenient, and not only! Even the scent is annoying, it bothers the mother's still very sensitive sense of smell, but also that of the baby: avoid liters of perfume and especially if it is a strong and intrusive perfume.

3. Take lots of photos

Avoid taking pictures, they could annoy the new mother. If you just can't resist the temptation, then, it is always advisable to ask permission and clearly avoid using the flash that could annoy the little one.

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4. Invading mom's spaces

Giving advice to the new mother, making comments about her appearance, or touching the baby without asking her permission could be extremely inappropriate. It is also good practice to leave the room if the mother is preparing to breastfeed. The mother is still very attached to the child, who turns out to be physically a continuation of herself, moreover she is very sensitive to comments and criticisms: be careful!

5. Invade the spaces of the newborn

Kissing the little one, cuddling him, could be excessive or inappropriate. In fact, the child is extremely delicate! This is because the little newborn was for 9 months in a sterile and protected environment. So invading its spaces is still not a good idea ...

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6. Stay longer than 30 minutes

Extending visits too long can be annoying. Both the new mother and the little one need tranquility, rest and serenity. As pleasant as a visit may be, its duration should never be excessive, because it is certainly not a good idea to linger any longer.

7. Touch the baby with dirty hands

Absolutely hygiene is essential! It would seem obvious, but it is not. Do not touch the baby with dirty hands! Furthermore, never pick up the baby in jackets, coats or the like: receptacles and containers for bacteria and germs.

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