The special socks with the coolest patterns of winter 2019!

Whether they are polka dot, striped but also with animals, in the shape of a unicorn or veiled with some rhinestones, the women's patterned socks, as well as the tights, represent that magical touch capable of giving the whole look a truly flavor. We will offer you some, the most loved by Amazon, but here are all the ones you can find right there:

Women's patterned socks on Amazon

Women's socks with the cutest pattern: animals!

For fans of dogs, cats, but also unicorns, pandas, bears and so on and so forth, we have found on Amazon some of the most puppy-patterned socks in the universe. Attention, nothing cloying, but let's talk about special socks. which, combined with the right shoe, will make you look really top!

The socks with the patterned back: the little dogs

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These pastel-colored patterned socks have the focus on the back of the ankle, leaving the front simple and making the part of the sock sticking out above the heel truly original! Different breeds of dog are represented in a completely stylized way, giving the imagination something nice and smoky! The pack contains all 5, which fit from 4 to 7 UK number, then from 36 to 40 Italian number. Take advantage of it!

Buy them on offer on Amazon at € 11.99 (-40%) €

Short patterned socks with kittens


This pack contains 5 different colors: from the most classic white, through gray to turquoise and pastel pink. Simple, minimal, they decorate the ankle with a small contrasting kitten, which gives the sock a refined touch of originality. Perfect for a sportier look and sneakers, but also over a pair of socks to revive the final outfit.

Buy them on Amazon for € 8.98

The animal patterned socks in autumn colors


This pack contains 4 pairs of socks (or 5 available on Amazon) that are really funny: they have the toe with the face of a contrasting animal (from beaver to raccoon) in a little cartoonish tones. Along the rest of the sock, you will find footprints of small legs or acorns, to make everything even more unique and autumnal!

Buy them on offer on Amazon for € 10.99 (-58%) €

What about winter socks? Choose them in colored wool!

For the most cold, winter 2019 offers the much loved wool sock. But who said that you have to give up fantasy when it comes to winter socks? Like those in cotton, wool socks are now a real accessory to wear with attention and style. We offer you these in super cool colors!

Colorful and wool winter socks


This pack contains 5 winter socks in super trendy colors: pink, fuchsia, burgundy, aqua green and petrol green, with white veins typical of wool socks. They are perfect under winter sneakers but also under heeled boots and skinny jeans. What are you waiting for?

Buy them on Amazon for € 12.99

Are you passionate about 90s cartoons? The socks with the most absurd fantasy!

If you are a nostalgic fan of cartoons and all the 90s fashion, we have found the perfect socks for you. We present the ones dedicated to sailor moon but you can also be bewitched by those dedicated to Super Mario or Disney princesses, available on Amazon !


This Sailor Mood-themed pack of 6 will literally drive you crazy. From the same pack you can have the patterned socks dedicated to most of our beloved Sailors: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Chibiusa! They fit about 36 to 39, and have really bright colors! Ready to transform yourself into true warriors?

Buy them on Amazon for € 17.00

If you want to focus on a sensual fantasy, choose sheer socks!

If you don't like bright colors, animals, strange images or too explicitly vintage references, you can opt for a more classic sock with a geometric pattern. And if you want to opt for something more sensual, the sheer sock is the right ally!


This pack of 3 sheer socks contains 3 different patterns: the classic black polka dot, horizontal stripes and a game I can't see ankle height. All tone on tone, that is full black and sheer black, an alternation that gives the sock a truly sexy and feminine touch. How about, approved?

Buy them on Amazon for € 9.99 <

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